Abans Group
  • Abans Holdings celebrates one year of successful BSE and NSE listing.
  • The company is now the investment manager for AIFs in GIFT City.
  • Abans to enter into the mutual fund business.
  • Abans Finance Pvt Limited is in the process of establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary in GIFT City.

MUMBAI, IndiaDec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Abans Holdings Limited (AHL | 543712 | INE00ZE01026) is celebrating one year since its successful listing on the BSE and NSE, and this illustrates the company’s owners’ enormous loyalty and faith in it. Abans Holdings has not only survived but thrived in the market over the last year, with an increased pace in a variety of company sectors.

Abans Holdings offers an integrated system that incorporates lending, trading, and wealth management, which enables the company to quickly respond to market dynamics and capitalize on emerging possibilities.

Abhishek Bansal, Founder & Chairman of Abans Group, honoured with achieving this milestone says: “It is a privilege for us to celebrate this accomplishment. For many years to come, Abans Holdings Limited’s success story will be remembered. Over the past year, we have demonstrated resiliency, flexibility, and strategic insight as it represents a major turning point.”

The group purchased the SATCO expansion and Momentum Portfolio from SATCO Capital Markets Limited, to accelerate expansion even more. Since its launch, the portfolio has produced an impressive 21.6% CAGR.

To further benefit its investors and stakeholders, Abans is always seeking out promising business opportunities. Abhsihek shares: “Among our most recent initiatives is the appointment of Abans Holdings Ltd. as the investment manager for AIFs in the GIFT City Gujarat IFSC Zone; this should boost the company’s independent revenue. We are attempting to enter the mutual fund industry and are now obtaining the necessary authorizations.”

Abans Finance Pvt Limited, which is a step-down subsidiary, is currently in the process of establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary in GIFT City. This new subsidiary will be engaged in lending activities, subject to regulatory approvals. The primary objective of this initiative is to enable the company to earn interest in dollar terms and provide access to the global market for its lending business.

Abans Holdings practices growth hacking, which stresses innovation, technological integration, strategic relationships, flexibility, and hiring the right people. By employing innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, Abans intends to promote rapid and consistent growth in the highly competitive financial services business by streamlining processes, forming strategic alliances, and being flexible to changing market conditions.