Privacy Knight – the age of Face Lock is here

Chinese mobile internet giant Alibaba Group has announced the launch of Privacy Knight, India’s first free app-lock with Face Lock feature that protects mobile privacy from intruders. Equipped with Face Lock, the fastest and most accurate unlock solution in the world, Privacy Knight enables users to unlock their protected apps through a 1-second-selfie.

Announcing the launch, Ebrahim Popat, Country Manager of 9Apps, an Android Marketplace within Alibaba Mobile Business Group, says, “Face Lock is set to change the way people protect their privacy. It’s the next big thing after fingerprint lock. The age of Face Lock is here.”

With the boost of smartphone utilisation, India is now the largest consumer market for security app in the world. Such tremendous demand indicates a strong need for better privacy protection. According to Shuhua Chen, Director, Alibaba Mobile Security Department, “Indian users are particularly concerned about security of their private photos and SNS apps on their phones. On the other hand, with predictable popularisation of mobile payment, the need for mobile financial security protection will also surge in the foreseeable future. Privacy Knight provides Indian users with an enjoyable and trustworthy privacy guard for their smartphone security.

Alibaba Group Launches 1st Face-Lock Security App
Offline Face Lock: Simple yet reliable

Simplicity and reliability are key factors that users care about when selecting a security app. Privacy Knight works on a 1-second-step for face locking, saving users the trouble to remember patterns / pincode. Meanwhile, the Face Lock and Blink Detection setting ensure a 99.47% accuracy of face recognition, more precise than any other recognition models in the world. What makes Privacy Knight even safer is that no user information upload is requested, since Face Lock is accessible offline.

Alibaba Group Launches 1st Face-Lock Security App
Face Lock – unlock in 1 second, as long as your phone has front-facing camera.

Besides Face Lock, Privacy Knight also offers users excellent protection including App Lock, Vault, Clean, Themes, Intruder Selfie, Fake Cover, Fake Icon, and more.

  • Multiple App Lock Options – Smooth switch to pattern / pincode and finger print to unlock automatically under insufficient light condition
  • All-day Protection – Intruder Selfie, Incoming Call Lock and Notification Lock, keeps you from worrying about any leakage during your absence
  • Hide and Fake Settings – Privacy Vault helps to hide private photos and videos, and Fake Cover/Fake Icons prevents any possible intrusions so no one is ever able to access your private apps without you
  • Privacy Clean –Quickly cleans your adult, social, financial and shopping browsing history without leaving any unwanted trace
  • Burden Free –No data usage and No internet needed after download, ad-free, battery-saving and memory-saving

Privacy Knight is currently on Android and is available for download on 9Apps starting June 1.

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Alibaba Group Launches 1st Face-Lock Security App