Arrow PC: Drive Workforce Towards Transformation and Revolution With Dell Unified Workspace


Setting up a remote workspace is not easy for organizations. They have multifold issues to address – endpoint management, complex and rigid working time models, various licenses, access to applications, databases. To collate and address these issues for an employer is not an easy task irrespective of the size of the organization. With the second wave of Covid-19 once again pushing the workforce towards remote working, enterprises have a better option supported by Dell Unified Workspace.
As per a study by IDC using a Unified Workspace like Dell would help by providing easier support as 41% of the IT experts believe it helps in reducing costs and 38% expect greater transparency for software licenses and contracts. Dell Unified Workspace is an industry-leading and comprehensive solution to deploy, secure, manage and support devices from the cloud. The compiled solutions focus on various aspects of a PC that help employees with seamless and hassle-free experiences supporting remote working environments. With technology as this, organizations are bound to drive transformation and revolutionize the way of working from traditional to a tech-enabled path,” said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network (Titanium Partner – Dell Technologies).
Today’s users are on the go, working from almost anywhere and on multiple devices. This doesn’t have to result in more IT management pain for IT Leaders who need to focus on more important, strategic initiatives. Unified Workspace will aid organizations to decrease confusion and hiccup when setting remote workspace so that employees can concentrate on just the work and not the other aspects. The first stage to achieve seamless work is the deployment of unified workspace. Industry-leading UEM providers help in provisioning devices by integrating factory and cloud. Once employees receive the system they can start instantly while IT looks after basic setup. This is a ready-to-work setup that enhances work experience without much of IT intervention.
By using Unified Workspace IT team can guarantee security for businesses with trusted devices, trusted access and trusted data without compromising the security credentials and in turn the productivity of the employees. Unified Workspace can securely collaborate with zero-trust, built-in security and safe solutions to protect above and below the BIOS. It is not just security, management of the PC is also important for ease of working. Implementing a modern management strategy begins with the technology that is built into the Dell device. Dell Client Command Suite removes the complexity of setting up, monitoring and updating the fleet. Unified Workspace is predictive and proactive support that will only become more insightful, actionable and personalized over time. An option like Unified Workspace is now a boon for all as this is the ideal way of helping employees as well as the IT team for the smooth functioning of the workforce.
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Arrow PC: Drive Workforce Towards Transformation and Revolution With Dell Unified Workspace