16th April 2020, Mumbai: This is the fourth part of the report on “Crisis Consumption on TV and Smartphones” released jointly by BARC India and Nielsen Media.

BARC India is the official currency on Television Measurement in India and Nielsen Media runs a 12000 strong smartphone panel in India passively capturing smartphone behaviour.

Some of the Key Highlights of TV and Smartphone consumption during the fourth week of Lockdown are as follows: –


  BARC Nielsen Smartphone Panel
Coverage All India (Urban + Rural) All India (Urban 1 Lakh plus)
TG ALL NCCS 2+ years NCCS ABC 15-44 yearsAndroid Smartphone Users
Time Period PRE COVID  – 11th Jan 2020- 31st Jan 2020 PRE COVID –  13th Jan 2020 – 2nd Feb 2020
COVID DISRUPTION Week 3 –  28thMarch 2020 to 3rd April 2020 Week 4 –  4thMarch 2020 to 10th April 2020
  • COVID-19 is taking the most mind space with ~40% of top 100 Google searches last week being in COVID and 1 in 8 consumers accessing the AAROGYA SETU app 
  • PM’s address on Lockdown extension garnered 4 Bn viewing minutes  – the highest of the 4 addresses on COVID-19 
  • TV consumptions grows 38% over pre-COVID period now at 1.2 Trillion minutes 
  • Hindi GEC attains all time High Viewership of 4 Bn since 2015  in HSM Urban this week
  • Movies show an increase across HSM, while GEC maintains share and continues to lead in South markets
  • Top 5 content for digital audiences is a mix of Fiction, History, Mythology and Supernatural
  • Premium audiences on Digital clock remarkable growth in time spent on News, Chat, Fitness and Streaming
  • The News franchise on Digital is close to 50% now (+25% over PreCovid period) – Video News consumption shows a huge growth of 75% over the PreCovid period
  • COVID Lockdown  gives a big fillip to Education Apps , Surge by 30%+ 
  • Overall FCT on TV drops by 26% over the PreCovid period- however a 142% increase seen in FCT for Social Ads – Digital ads also showing a slowdown in last week.