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Will display commercially available conductive additives solutions Conductex™ i and Conductex™ e and Carbon Nanotube/Carbon Black (CNT/CB) hybrid system

  • To present graphite anode active material produced with Birla Carbon’s uniquely developed process
  • Showcase Birla Carbon’s Ultra™ process used to ensure the highest levels of purity and conductivity
  • To exhibit at Booth 2157

Marietta, USA – September 09, 2022 – Birla Carbon, a global leader in the production of high-quality carbon black solutions, will participate in The Battery Show North America 2022. The event will be held from September 13 – 15, 2022, at the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA. Birla Carbon will exhibit at Booth 2157.

With a focus on a range of energy storage applications, Birla Carbon will present Conductex i and Conductex e series of products at the event and an array of carbon-based solutions for the battery industry.

The Conductex series additives for Lithium ion batteries provide higher battery manufacturing throughput, superior high discharge rate performance, extended cycle life, exceptional high voltage retention for power batteries, and fast charge performance for EVs.

The Conductex e range of solutions is a key performance-enhancing carbon black additive that provides high conductivity and purity while enabling manufacturers the formulation flexibility needed for various applications in lead acid batteries.

The CNT/CB hybrid conductive additive enables superior dispersibility with good electrode properties at lower loading compared to competitive carbon black.

Birla Carbon has invested in a graphite manufacturing and post-processing pilot plant with its new to the world technology to supply graphite anode active material to battery manufacturers in the United States. A commercial manufacturing facility is in the planning stages for North America for a consistent domestic graphite supply.

Join Birla Carbon at Booth 2157 to learn more or visit the Birla Carbon Energy Systems webpage –


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