7th September, 2020, INDIA: Contactless customer experiences are fast becoming a norm in a wide range of industries amidst the Covid19 pandemic. Experiential design studio Digital Jalebi has added a new dimension to its business with a ‘No-Touch Activations’ vertical for brands.

Nikhil Joshi, Co-founder, Digital Jalebi, said that in this ‘new normal’, there is a greater awareness about the potential impact of no-touch activations. “We have innovated and already delivered these activations by using audio sensors, body tracking, hand gestures, expression tracking, etc,” he noted.

“Brands are also looking forward to taking safety measures and providing a more connected, autonomous experience by investing and leveraging new age technologies,” Joshi added.

Digital Jalebi has been in the experiential business for eight years now, and four months back there was no business due to pandemic. But in the last two months when clients started approaching them, they could see a huge difference in their expectations. And hence they started working to collate solutions for their clients that would quickly boost client’s content using technology, to help them deliver a better experience even during the pandemic.

The entire idea of No-Touch Activations is to handle the entire set of apprehensions that everybody has in the market about how we would get back to doing the events the way they used to happen. With No-Touch Activations, Digital Jalebi is trying to refine the interactions in a way that everything is already taken care of, for both brands and their customers who are experiencing the activation.

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The technology remains the same; they are not using a new set of sensor tech, but the biggest difference is the way they are using it.

“When we previously used this No-Touch Activations technology, the exhibit design never really allowed us to keep people apart from each other; the exhibits were always made in a way that a lot of crowd would assemble. From a technology point of view, there was still physical interaction involved.

But right now what we are doing is, every exhibit we design, there is an underlined premise that nobody would come close to each other and that is engraved in the design more than the technology. So that is the big conceptual shift that we undertook with the technology and still made sure that we deliver a good experiential solution for the brand.” Joshi explained.