MUMBAI, IndiaDec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Co-founded by Rohit Maroo and Satish Krishnaswamy, both ex bankers (HDFC Bank), GRAVITY promises to unleash an era of hyper-personalisation in banking space. GRAVITY as a platform is a category first in banking industry.

GRAVITY makes all the underlying software applications of the bank inter-operable, thereby bringing in tech ecosystem simplicity/adaptability also doubling up as an efficiency multiplier. GRAVITY has a central processing platform (CPP), which will heavy lift most of the ALU (Arithmetic logic unit) and COU (Control and orchestration unit) of any and all of the underlying applications of the bank.

GRAVITY comes equipped with an expansion slot (category first) that comes pre-embedded with 10 futuristic components that will ensure that the bank’s underlying tech always remains latest, safest and fastest.

Rohit Maroo, Co-Founder, confirms that there is an early excitement amongst bankers for GRAVITY, which essentially ensures that once the underlying software applications (CBS/LMS/Payments/Others) are docked in GRAVITY, banks will have to never overhaul their underlying technology, and there will never be a painful replacement process of any of the speciality core applications.

Satish Krishnaswamy, Co-Founder, confirms that his team is humbled by the opportunity to build a category first business platform and also by the initial support of senior banking and technology leaders.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pravir Vohra a seasoned banking technology leader, ex-President and Group CTO of ICICI bank, who also mentors start-ups, believes that GRAVITY could well turn out to be a very disruptive platform. He feels GRAVITY is trying to solve a critical banking tech ecosystem problem and could, potentially, help banks modernize their systems without expensive, risky and time-consuming fork lifts or upgrades.

V. Vaidyanathan, a veteran with over 35 years in BFSI and currently the CIO of Unity Small Finance Bank, who is also a specialist in core banking implementation, is excited about GRAVITY and the promise that it offers. He believes platforms that offer hyper-personalization on top of existing software applications are possible now as all the heavy infrastructure that acts as the enabler is already available.

Prabhakar Bobde, MD of SAFL NBFC, who also held senior leadership positions in the past at Axis and HDFC bank, believes that for India to become a USD 7 trillion-dollar economy by 2030, hyper-personalisation and a platform play (co-existence of business platforms and speciality core applications) in the financial sector will bring about this inflection point.

Mr. Madana Gopalswamy, Founder and Chairman of Adarsh Co-op Bank, Hyderabad, believes GRAVITY will accelerate the transition of co-op banks aspiring to be an SFB, by helping them compete with larger commercial banks.

Sunil Chandak, Equity strategist and researcher, believes that banking sector is poised to be disrupted by AI and deep tech and the maximum share value extraction will come from the disruptive play over incremental technology progress.

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