Abhishek Rege
Abhishek Rege

Mumbai, 29th July 2020: Endemol Shine India today announced that they will be creating 2 web-series in collaboration with Gulbadan Talkies, a creative video production service boutique based in Mumbai. The two series will include ThorleVishwasraoDhakle (TVD) is an 8 episode, 45-minute Marathi series and Radical is an 8-episode,45-minute, multi-lingual comedy series (primarily Hindi). Both series will showcase actors from BhaDiPa(Bhartiya Digital party) a subset of Gulbadan Talkies.

ThorleVishwasraoDhakle (TVD) is an 8 episode, 45-minute Marathi series for Indian fans of Detective Stories, Murder Mysteries, and Conspiracy Theories. Based in Maharashtra, the series focuses on the relationship of a Grandfather (70, retired Private Detective) and his Grandson (26, computer hacker, angsty youth) as they work together to solve a murder that happens in front of their very eyes. However, the solution is not as clear as they thought, and they find themselves wading into a dark world of conspiracy.

Radical is an 8-episode,45-minute,multi-lingual comedy series (primarily Hindi). Abandoned in the middle of Mumbai – Ahsaan, Samar and Wajid build a life from scratch over the 10 years that follow. Their unplanned immigration to Mumbai soon becomes a refuge from their past, a past that has been rightfully demonized. Mumbai’s fate is left to the Mumbaikar himself, be it the aspiring Ahsaan, the family man Samar, or the swindling conman Wajid. Through their actions, they unknowingly repay the debt they owe Mumbai for offering them a chance to carve out their own existence.

Abhishek Rege CEO Endemol Shine India said, “We are pleased to collaborate with a creative powerhouse brand like BhaDiPa and Gulbadan Talkies for these two shows. At Endemol Shine India, we are always looking at creating content that is exciting and entertaining for our viewers and tying up with fresh talented artists and directors who are eager to showcase their ideas and enhance the creative space.”

As creators who carved out our space in Marathi content, we have always believed that regional-language stories should be consumed on a global scale. We’re absolutely kicked to be co-producing a Marathi series and our first Hindi series with an internationally renowned partner, Endemol Shine India, Said, Paula McGlynn, CEO, Gulbadan Talkies & BhaDiPa.

ThorleVishwasraoDhakle and Radical are currently under development and will start production soon.