Flipkart Adds Furniture & Automobiles to its Portfolio for Higher Profits

Flipkart Adds Furniture & Automobiles to its Portfolio

Bengaluru: Flipkart, the well known e-commerce site adds furniture and the other home items to its online store. Flipkart made these additions after conducting a survey which cleared the fact that furniture market is larger than the mobile phone market. They will be competeing with the current e-commerce furniture traders like ‘Urban Ladder, Pepperfry and Fabfurnish.’

In case, if you still going about the old techniques of going to the furniture shop and giving order to carpenter for the furniture,  my friend, you need to change your approach! This online furniture trading is better than shopping at stores or ordering at a carpenter’s. In this age of digitization and door delivery, the ecommerce portals provides top brands with quality service, different price range as per your demand, and great variety; both modern and traditional. Additionally, it gives you size preference and discounts without bargaining. It also offers you different payments mode such as cash on delivery, online payment, card payment or EMI’s.  Over time Flipkart has become one of the most trusted e-commerce sites and has a loyal group of customers who would definitely be delighted with this new branch of service. Other benefits of buying it from Flipkart, is that it provides warranty and modern designs that sits perfectly well in the ultra modern apartments and penthouses.

There is no doubt that Flipkart’s aim is to capture the market by storm and to accomplish 15-times maturation in furniture category with no compromise in their profits. Other than furniture (home furnishing), Flipkart is also adding automobiles in its product category.

Sandeep C Patil, Senior Director, Flipkart says to Business Insider, “Right now verticals are bigger than horizontals in the category, but even after launching in October we are quite close to them in size. If our projections hold, we will be multiple in size of verticals.”

Flipkart Adds Furniture & Automobiles to its Portfolio