Goldy Nagdev, MD, Hari Darshan


Goldy Nagdev is the Managing Director of Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd. and a
fourth-generation entrepreneur. He spoke to on his outlook for the coming year 2023.

1. Expectations from Government in the coming year for Incense/Retail/Manufacturing Industry.

I firmly believe in this government’s commitment to growth of industry, particularly MSME sector. To would like to see consistent introduction of initiatives that encourage entrepreneurs and protect small and micro units.

2. Any big changes you want to see that will strengthen the economy at the grassroots level.

Going forward I’d expect some sort of measures that curtail growing cost of production.
Transportation and Packaging are two key elements in this.
Besides, a more balanced growth of infrastructure is needed across the country to bring in parity in land and labour costs. Concentration of industry and employment in selected and specific areas leads to opportunity in those areas but disparity all across

3. Future of Indian retail, innovations in packaging and the future of duplex and corrugation and fragrance trends in India.

Future of Indian Retail is Hybrid. Online and Offline will coexist mutually by completing and competing with each other at same time.

Increasing costs of duplex and corrugating would lead to manufacturers looking for alternative packaging for their products which may disrupt this industry in long run. Instead of passing the costs to end user, duplex and corrugating industry should look for innovations and take this initiative upon themselves to arrest these increasing costs.


About Goldy Nagdev

Goldy Nagdev is the Managing Director of Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd. and a
fourth-generation entrepreneur. He is affiliated with three additional businesses, including
Rising Sun Aromas and Spirituals Private Limited, Hari Darshan Incense Private Limited and
Asterion Ventures Private Limited

Mr. Nagdev attended Deakin University for his MBA. He completed his graduation at the
Apeejay School of Management.

In India, Hari Darshan is synonymous with Pooja-related merchandise. Mr. Nagdev has been instrumental in boosting the brand to new heights and ensuring that it serves all types of audiences. His perspective on business is unique. His values are well-liked by the team and business partners. His easy-to-understand explanations, humorous analogies, and capacity to engage all parties create a congenial work atmosphere and propel mutual outcomes.

In addition to all of his rigorous business and activities, he has spoken out often on radio
programmes promoting positivity and spirituality. He is an experienced race driver who is
enthusiastic about motorsports. As a result, he spends his spare time reading about vehicles, learning more about them, or even racing them.

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Company Profile: Hari Darshan

Hari Darshan is among those remarkable brands that are loved by both centurions and
millennials, and indeed, it is a legendary brand that has been around for more than 50 years.

The Sadar Bazar location of what was once a brick-and-mortar business in the 1970s has now developed into one of the most important incense manufacturing facilities in the nation. The products manufactured by Hari Darshan can be found all around the country.
Under the leadership of Mr. Goldy Nagdev, the company is now opening the doors of
awareness and e-commerce sales, and the brand wishes to lead the way after having reached so many Indian households with their products.

Hari Darshan has become a reputable brand, and all of their audience, whether young or old, values the fragrances at times of optimism, prayer, and serenity. Over the span of the last several decades, the firm has positioned itself as one of the most renowned and well-
respected names for Puja products. Hari Darshan proudly manufacturers the most extensive selection of products for devotion, spirituality, and meditation.

The company is synonymous with quality, consistency, and assurance in both its products
and services. Some of the products that they produce include Dhoop (Incense Paste),
Agarbathi (Incense Sticks), Hawan Samagri, Chandan Tika, Kalawa, Gulab Jal, Puja Diya
Oil, Camphor, and many more.

Hari Darshan is exceptional in creating a product that has a historical and cultural
significance dating back thousands of years and remains today among the first to be used in a variety of settings, including homes and places of business.