Goa, India- 8th January, 2018: Sahyadri Wellness & Educational Foundation is organizing the GoaWellnessFest as a five-day retreat of mindfulness, physical well-being and food-based detox. The festival is being organized at a location which provides abundance of sunny non-polluted ocean breeze. The event, which is being held from January 24th-28th 2018 at The International Center, Dona-Paula, Panjim, Goa, will focus on THREE aspects of your life:

  1. Wellness practices
  2. Food as Medicine
  3. Nature based cure

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The Fest has Yoga Alliance (USA) certified instructors, Food & Grain experts from around the globe and certified nutritionists, therapists and instructors from prestigious healing centers in Kerala, Goa and Malnad.

The GoaWellnessFestival recognizes the need to reconnect to our creative and restorative side as an adult. This is facilitated by the three hours of daily enrichment activity that will be conducted for you to attend and continue as an on-going hobby later. The event provides:

  • Pottery making
  • Stress-buster cooking
  • Detox healing
  • Eye exercises and Cleansing training

“The Wellness Festival shows how small changes in daily life can bring substantial changes in lifestyle disorders, relieve detrimental habits and spread a spirit of well-being around everyone,” says the Event Organizer, Ms. Nithya Somanath.

She further adds, “Goa has been long known for its partying culture and recreational stimulators, we strive to change this image with our flagship event organized at The International CenterDona Paula, Panjim, North Goa. Away from the hustle-bustle of the city and touristy attractions, yet well connected, this location serves as an excellent destination for the 5 days of herbal therapies, yoga & organic super foods.”

Mr. Naveen Udoshi, the Co-organizer of the event, highlights the USP of the Wellness Festival, “GoaWellnessFestival serves the wellness seeker with a confluence of Yoga, Ayurveda and organic foods. This is an attempt to teach the science behind eating healthy, rather than just tell what to eat and what not to. In addition to this, the event provides abundance of choice (which is not the case with a lot of these Rishi/Muni events) for the attendees to pick from.”

The attendees have the choice to pick the number of days they want to attend, choice of stay, food and instructors/experts. There is a set itinerarywhich attendees have to adhere to see benefits.

The focus for the five days at the GoaWellnessFestival will be on:

Yogic wellness:

  • Introductory yoga practices for beginners
  • Daily 2-4 hrs multi-form yogic training for regular practitioners
  • Interaction and education forums with instructors and co-participants

Food as Medicine:

  • Use food and herbs as a medicine
  • Learn and adopt thoughtful foods for life

Nature-based cure:

  • Therapies and sessions to initiate healing of chronic and lifestyle disorders
  • The use of natural herbs for wellness in daily being

Keeping the long weekend of Jan 26th-28th in mind, the organizing team has facilitated 5-, 3- and 1-day packages . For 3-5 days’ visitors, the regular day will start with an evaluation of Ayurvedic body type, diet requirement and physical capability levels. A SWELL Card will be prepared which highlights the recommended activities, Mandatory food + in-take portion, and level of daily yoga practice and therapies. The next 5-days of practice and food in-take follows this plan.

The Goa Tourism Ministry is changing the face of the State with art and culturally rich events and festivities. The Goa Wellness Event aspires to be part of this positive wave. One day visitors are recommended to attend between 24th and 27th January starting 9:30 am in the morning to experience the Yoga/Therapy/Enrichment sessions and relish the organic food.

“Visitors to Goa are welcome to join us for the 3-days walk-in whereby you take full benefits of the sessions at an affordable package,” said the Co-organizer Mr. Naveen. “Special rates have been designed for Goa residents to bring about awareness for Yogic wellness and organic foods,” Mr. Udoshi concludes.

All registrations are handled on the website http://www.GoaWellnessFest.com with the customers having the option to pay via credit/debit card or PayTM.