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Dr. Vaidyanathan Jayaraman, SP Jain School of Global Management

Tell our readers about SP Jain School of Global Management and your professional journey.

SP Jain School of Global Management is an Australian Business school that has campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. The first campus was opened in Dubai in 2004. It is renowned for offering a multi-city student experience for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. SPJSGM, currently offers the BBA and the BDS programs at the UG level. In the BBA program, students can choose to major in Marketing, Finance or Entrepreneurship while BDS students specialize in Data Sciences.

The UG program focuses on the development of key real-world employability skills that provide the students with confidence and expertise required to become global business ready manager from day zero. The students get a real-world opportunity to experience diverse cultures, network with senior business executives, study various international business practices and interact with students from more than 20+ countries and with global faculty who come with several years of industry experience.


Help us to understand the concept of hybrid learning and its impact on the student’s

During the COVID-19 era when the world was brought to a standstill, the key to survival for all academic institutions was to adapt their programs to online alternatives while adopting some technological innovations. With its unique high-end online learning system (ELO – Engaged online), SP Jain has become a trendsetter in using its proprietary ELO technology to replicate a live classroom  down to its nitty-gritty details.

Each ELO studio that is present on all the campuses is set up with a robotic tracking camera for all faculty that allows them to move freely, maintain eye contact with students, moderate discussions, and respond to any visual cues, all in real-time.


Please throw some light how undergraduate programmes changed over the years and what is the future. 

The UG programs have evolved over the years with a greater emphasis on offering a world-class student experience. We believe that over time, education and hard work lead to maturity and the ability to take ownership and accept personal responsibility. The unique model that we offer where students get immersed in the local culture, work on regional immersion projects, get to travel and visit with global leaders, and also work on an internship with a local company is the game changer for the future.

Good moral character, high ethical values, mutual respect for peers and colleagues, and sensitivity to social issues are values we emphasize at SP Jain. We focus on holistic growth that balances learning with the moulding of personality, character, and attitudes. Above all, learning should be an enjoyable experience.

We would like to know your thoughts about the importance soft skills along with formal  education

Industry demands that all students should be equipped with soft skills. Some of the top employability skills that any student should possess to get them ready for the real world include communication (verbal and writing), teamwork, logical reasoning, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Organizations value such soft skills because they serve as important indicators of how you interact with team members and perhaps the most important stakeholders, the customers. Therefore, we introduced a course, Employability and Practitioner skills, and offer this over the duration of the program.

It includes topics such as personal and career foundations, ethics and moral reasoning, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, communicating effectively and looking for innovative and creative solutions to a given problem. Students also enroll for a capstone project that enables them to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class in a real-world environment. This is a mandatory course that gives the students an opportunity to partner with an organization to complete a report and present their work to a faculty panel.

The idea is to provide students an amazing opportunity to engage in self directed learning and illustrate their skills in reading, problem identification, evaluation, research and  report writing.

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Help us with your view about why India is projected as the education hub of the world? and  producing CEOs for the world

India is clearly projected as the education hub of the world as it has taken a proactive approach to adopting new education techniques such as e-learning and m-learning that will all lead to a dramatic growth of distance education. With the current thrust and momentum to expand and improve its domestic education system, India will join a growing list of Asian countries in offering new study abroad options for foreign students. With the new education policy that has been adopted by the Government of India, Indian institutions can now look globally for partners.

Higher education  institutions will also have the flexibility to offer a three year UG degree with a two-year PG degree in  addition to offering a four year UG degree in combination with a one-year PG degree. The single overarching regulator for higher education, Higher education commission of India, will have four independent verticals to enforce regulations, funding, accreditation and setting global standards for learning outcomes. This will also lead to attracting and accommodating greater number of  international students in the near future.

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