MapmyIndia is 'made in India for India': Chief Technology Officer
MapmyIndia is 'made in India for India': Chief Technology Officer

Gurugram: Striving to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s ‘ Make in India‘ initiative, MapmyIndia’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rohan Verma has said the company is ‘truly local’ in its approach and is working towards integrating world-class mapping solutions in the Indian market.

Speaking to ANI after the ‘Map the Future’ conference here on Monday, Verma claimed the company is aiming to create solutions suitable to all Indian citizens.

“The company is made in India and makes for India. We try to make sure that no stratum of the society is left behind. We have enabled language-based solutions to ensure that everyone can access the features of our apps,” said Verma.

Verma further revealed that the company’s new ‘Map’ app and navigation tools can be accessed offline as well, thereby eliminating the need for a mandatory internet connection at all times.

“As connectivity increases, we are expanding our online portfolio as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, MapmyIndia announced their partnership with Bengaluru-based Reverie Language Technologies in localising the former’s navigation tool ‘Map’ using a simple and powerful six-digit alphanumeric eLoc code that guarantees doorstep delivery, directions and drop-off.

The map, which is currently available in Hindi, will be rolled out soon in other Indian languages. Multilingual search will also be enabled in the coming months making it the only fully localised map platform for India.

MapmyIndia and Reverie have also together created a new keyboard for mobile phones called ‘Hey Map’ through which consumers can search, save and share locations or points of interest.

MapmyIndia’ eLoc 6 digits alphanumeric code that determines a location can easily be shared via any application (WhatsApp, Facebook, email or SMS) and viewed on any website on any browser and on the MapmyIndia app.

The ‘Hey Map’ feature can be particularly useful in the following cases:

•Businesses: for accurate last ‘doorstep’ delivery, supply chain and logistics requirements and business address validation in a preferred Indian language

•Government: for emergency response management, disaster management, last ‘doorstep’governance and utilities provision and any other citizen location validation requirement, completely localised

•End users: to set up a personal digital address and share it with your friends and family or search for points of interest in a language of your choice. eLoc can also be used to register a user’s address online, instead of filling out lengthy details

MapmyIndia has been a frontrunner in enabling accurate digital map usage in India. However, since India is a country where only four percent Indians are fluent in English and the dialect changes every 40 kilometres, it becomes imperative to take languages into account for enabling a truly efficient navigation solution. We hope this will be used extensively by businesses, the government and Indian citizens,” said Arvind Pani, Co-Founder and CEO, Reverie Language Technologies. (ANI)

MapmyIndia is ‘made in India for India’: Chief Technology Officer