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Midas India, Pune

PUNE, IndiaDec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bracing the COVID-19 pandemic, nine students of Pune-based MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship have transformed their ideas into real businesses.

The students along with some alumni presented 20+ businesses in an exhibition format at the 4th edition of MIDAS Bazaar, an annual event of the institute organised at its Florida Estate Campus in Mundhwa on Friday. The gala event was held to catapult the start-ups to their successful transformation, becoming leading business organisations both at the national and global levels. Film producer Mansi Bagla, founder of MiniFilms, and investment expert Varun Bagla of Minihomes.co.in.

Siddharth Bond, grandson of one of India’s most cherished writers, Ruskin Bond, and the founder of Ruskin Bond Collection, were guests of honour at the event.

The MIDAS Bazaar is a culmination of the student to entrepreneur journey that students undertake in their PGCM in Entrepreneurship. The students go through an 11-month roller-coaster of a journey through identifying an idea, fitting it to their personality, validating the product, and incubating it, which finally results in showcasing their ideas to the world at large. The platform is an opportunity for them to present their business to key ecosystem members.

Parag Shah, Founder and Chief Mentor, MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship, said, “The origin of the word entrepreneur is from the Sanskrit word “Antar Prerna” meaning inner calling. At MIDAS, we create a space for an individual to find his/her inner calling, their “Antar Prerna,” and help them through their journey. We believe that we must encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to fail. But fail early and fail cheaply. We want to build responsible leaders who will shape the future of business and society while keeping innovation and excellence at the core. I envision that MIDAS will have many unicorns coming out of it in the near future.”


“MIDAS was founded with a vision to create entrepreneurs! We truly believe that entrepreneurs are made, not born. Entrepreneurs need to be resilient with a strong sense of self-belief. We aim at building an entrepreneurial mindset for our students, which will make them ready for life and not just their first business. India is the new hotbed of innovation, and the rate at which companies can scale has never been faster. We want to make entrepreneurship a more viable career option. Going ahead, we plan to add a plethora of courses for entrepreneurs at various stages of growth,” added Pooja Shah, Managing Director – MIDAS.