Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder, Yellow.ai

On National Technology comment from Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and Co-founder, Yellow.ai

“As the world continues to navigate the pandemic, we are also thankfully turning to technology to revitalise our economies. RBI recently stated that India will take until 2035 to overcome the losses suffered as a result of the pandemic. The outline of reforms proposed by RBI focuses on seven wheels of economic progress including technological progression. With technologies like AI, IOT, NLP, 5G and RPA enabling the economy, the need is to encourage more usage and adoption across industries.

Conversational AI has been a great demand driver in India as it has changed the face of experiential engagement in the last few years. If leveraged well, Conversational AI-led innovation can provide interactions and greater engagement, marketing, sales and support at scale across verticals, users and platforms, enabling enterprises across industries to grow exponentially. It is making it possible for companies of all sizes and capabilities to move towards green initiatives while also improving their business practices.


At Yellow.ai, we are continuing to invest and innovate heavily on our Total Experience (TX) solutions, powered by AI. The industry is moving towards a horizontal model where businesses now require Virtual Assistance across functions like Customer Experience, User Experience, Employee Experience, Marketing & Automation, etc. to expand around channels and capabilities. Our aim is to harness the power of advanced AI for enterprises and provide them seamless experience across verticals and thereby an edge over others.

Moreover, we see the government sector leveraging our Conversational AI solutions across functions to improve services for citizens, providing them contactless and constant support for elevated experiences. Over the past two years, we have helped various government agencies to bring out relevant and credible information to the masses and digitally deliver government services. In the near future, we expect an increased adoption of Conversational AI by government agencies in order to make services more accessible across the country.

As we celebrate National Technology Day and laud the technological development in the country, it is also important to continue to create an enabling and innovation friendly ecosystem. As tech innovators, we advocate the democratization of artificial intelligence, by improving access, upskilling the workforce and encouraging adoption. This means making intelligence accessible for every organization and for India’s current and potential workforce. The real impact will only be visible when we put these capabilities in the hands of every individual who aspires to become a part of India’s digital transformation story.”