Gaurav Burman- VP & APAC President, 75F, India

This World Technology Day, we concede that the tech-enabled era has eased our way of life and helped us navigate through our daily lives effortlessly. Technology is now fully integrated into our lives, and we are witnessing a global evolution of technology and data every day.

Technologies like IoT, AI & ML, cloud computing, and building automation have taken the world by storm. Such innovations and the use of intelligent building management systems (BMS) are now witnessing more demand and development than ever.


On that front, India’s technological advancement is prominent and it also contributes to global developments in a major way. India ranks third among the most attractive investment destinations for technology transactions in the world. According to an IBEF report, India now ranks 46 among 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index (GII); up from 48th in 2020.

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance and accelerated the implementation of digital technologies in all avenues. Although we are getting more tech-savvy and technologically adept, we must not lose sight of the need to live in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Technology has been boosting the economies and industries on a global scale for the past few decades, but the most important aspect of our technology for the future is cleaner and greener technology. 

Buildings account for almost 40% of global carbon emissions and 30% of all energy-related greenhouse gas emissions.

The building and construction industry has been on a fast track to reducing resource consumption and carbon emission throughout the lifecycle of buildings. We, at 75F, hope to build a world that reduces the negative environmental impact through our energy-efficient solutions for buildings. We encourage industry leaders and companies to take a step towards the same and build better systems.