Rohit Suraj , Urban Zen with 2020 Estrade Awards Trophy
Rohit Suraj , Urban Zen with 2020 Estrade Awards Trophy

Based in Hyderabad, Rohit Suraj’s journey began with a single residence and has since grown into a niche boutique firm with an impressive portfolio of over 70 bespoke projects across India, the Middle East, and Asia spanning gated communities, hotel developments, luxury and affordable residences, hospitality, and boutique commercial spaces – some of which include ‘Desi Klub’, a restaurant in Hyderabad and the Hacker/Hulsta showroom in Delhi.

As he talks about a few things that stood out for him in the year 2020, he feels that ‘re-purposing’ life was the crucial takeaway with re-orienting business and strategizing the priority. Also, having some downtime due to the lockdown allowed him to reflect and spend quality time with his family. 

Rohit Suraj believes that the year 2021 is going to be a year of consolidation and collaboration. The pandemic has brought the world closer in many ways, and backward integration and robust business models will see an exit of speculative players. He says, “ Whatever you do and wherever you are, aspire to inspire. Creating value propositions that are aspirational is the truest form of seeing an economic revival.

We’re looking forward to innovating, extrapolating, and creating experiential built environments that are both aspirational and functional.”

As they say, the longer you stay on the wicket, the more runs you score. Any words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs and job-seekers in 2021?

 To believe in yourself and never leave any ‘what if’s in one’s life. I have flipped through many careers and places to get to where I am now. Following my dreams and making them a reality is what life means to me. I strongly believe if we don’t fear the consequences of what we are doing, we are not doing anything significant at all.

On winning the Singapore 2020 Estrade Real Estate Awards – Digital Edition – in the following categories, Interior Design-Private Residence(South) and Office Interiors(South)

It was an honour to win the award and for us as a firm to be recognized overseas. We’ve been pushing the envelope of design, and it’s rewarding and encouraging when recognition comes our way.

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