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MUMBAI and SAN BRUNO, California, Oct. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Rajshri Entertainment, the digital arm of India’s most established and largest entertainment studios, has teamed with global streaming network DistroTV™ to launch Bollywood TV: the company’s first live, linear and on demand streaming channel, featuring the world’s most in-depth Bollywood-related premium videos, blockbuster movies and behind the scenes footage, plus in-depth news about top film and TV stars available today. Now, audiences in the US, UK and Canada will have access to Bollywood TV on DistroTV™, the free online streaming video service available now across all major app platforms (Roku, AppleTV, Apple iOS, Amazon Fire, Android and via the web at http://www.distro.tv).

Bollywood TV debuts at a time when appetite for high quality programming about Bollywood is skyrocketing outside India. Bollywood TV features 12 hours of new content each day and includes popular TV shows ‘Bollywood Now,’ ‘Telly Masala,’ as well as the latest Bollywood feature films, music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, giving fans in the US, UK and Canada their first free and immediate access to the latest premium videos, news, films and TV shows outside of India. 

“We are thrilled to team with India’s most established name in entertainment to create Bollywood TV,” said Navdeep Saini, CEO and Founder of DistroTV parent DistroScale. “This is a perfect example of how we can deliver premium, niche programming to the growing number of audiences around the world who want their favorite shows on a range of streaming platforms.”

“With DistroTV, we have built Bollywood TV, our first live channel, to deliver what we know is a huge appetite for Southeast Asian related entertainment outside of India,” said Inderpal Singh,VP – Business Development, Rajshri Entertainment. “In the US, for example, the second biggest immigrant population is from India, second only to Mexico. We’re now able to super-serve those millions of viewers, including US-born consumers with a cultural affinity to India, with the latest news and entertainment around Bollywood.”

“When it comes to Bollywood, Rajshri is the most established name out there and we are thrilled to launch Bollywood TV on our platforms,” said Rajesh Nair, Vice President, Content Acquisition at DistroTV. “This is the first in a lineup of more strategic Bollywood and Southeast Asian content partnerships coming up for us on DistroTV in the coming months. With the content market worldwide moving rapidly towards advertising driven platforms, this will be a steer in the right direction for the production houses from India and other SE Asian countries to monetize their content and combat piracy.”

Bollywood TV joins a growing line-up of streaming channels aimed at feeding the insatiable viewing appetites of global audiences who crave free, often international content that is otherwise hard to find on cable or behind streaming paywalls, including other Southeast Asia-focused live channels like BritAsia, MATV, Channel-S, Venus TV, NTV and DistroTV Desi, aimed at young Western Asian audiences from UK / US and Canada. 

DistroTV also features live and on-demand channels related niche lifestyle subjects including FashionTV, cooking channel GustoTV, as well as sports content like Outside TV; the Lax Sports Network, devoted to Lacrosse;  Fighting Spirit, focused on mixed martial arts; Eleven Sports, The Boat Show, Horizon Sports and Yachting, as well as tech and gadget content from Popular Science and PC World, and a broad range of entertainment, film, fashion, sports, news, travel, cooking and other programming from Saveur, The Film Detective, Movie Kingdom and more.

About Rajshri Entertainment:

Rajshri Entertainment is India’s leading digital entertainment studio. It is the new media arm of the 72-year-old Rajshri group, one of India’s oldest, largest and most successful film and TV studios. Rajshri Entertainment produces content across various genres and languages including food, kids, yoga and lifestyle shows as well as a large catalogue of popular Bollywood movies. This content is then widely distributed across the world’s leading digital and traditional platforms.

For more information, visit  www.rajshri.com.