Reliance Jio preparing for soft launch, to be 80 times faster than rivals

A new Credit Suisse report claims that Reliance Jio is getting ready to sell SIM cards ahead of a soft launch of its 4G network soon. The firm apparently visited Reliance Digital stores in Mumbai to sniff out the truth and discovered that the staff have been undergoing training sessions in order to handle potential customers.

Reliance Jio to be 80 times faster than rivals
Reliance Jio

This preparation is essential since sales staff at Reliance Digital usually have to handle products like handsets and TVs, not SIM cards and data plans. The sessions cover various aspects of the process such as signing up subscribers, explaining product features and handling documents.

The outlets have also been equipped with infrastructure to facilitate quick enrolment. For instance, Reliance Jio plans to use scanning devices to assess ID documents instead of physically transporting it like other operators. Credit Suisse asserts that these stores have already gotten SIM card stocks but could not ascertain when it will begin vending.

The research brand’s report says that Jio SIM cards are set to cost Rs 200. This amount will supposedly cover 3 months worth of free data and voice services. As a point of reference, Reliance employees got 75GB of data and 4500 minutes of calls back in December.

Mukesh Ambani recently tried to build up anticipation around the launch of Relaince Jio’s LTE platform, declaring that it would be 80 times faster than its rivals. As per PTI, he also stated that his group has sunk in over Rs 1.5 lakh crore into the venture and was looking to expand high-speed internet coverage in India to 90% by 2017.

Reliance Jio to be 80 times faster than rivals