Safetree brings new approach to develop Talent and entrepreneurship in Insurance Industry

NEW DELHIDec. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19- pandemic has significantly impacted the economy, employment, and business worldwide.

As per the September’s report of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) it is estimated that over 6.6 million white collar professional jobs were lost from May to August 2020 and it has suggested an urgent need to create more jobs.

In order to provide meaningful opportunities to growing number of individuals looking to increase their earning, Safe tree has recently started Saksham Bharat campaign across the country.

Vikas Anand, Founder and CEO of Safetree, an Insuretech company, says “That even though his company has just started the campaign in a limited manner, it has attracted inquiries from thousands of people and has trained over 850 individuals from diverse background”. Further he added good number of trained professionals are working individuals and retail business owners looking for additional source of income.

Explaining rationale for starting this campaign, Mr. Anand mentioned that knowledge of risks and insurance products is extremely poor in the country. This is reflected in the poor penetration of insurance products in the country and less than 5% of Indians have basic protection of health and life insurance. Hence, there is a need for well trained and  qualified individuals, who can increase the awareness of these insurance products within the Indian society. Post training and examination, the individuals are awarded POS certificate as per IRDAI guidelines.

Dina Chadha, Head – Technology, Safetree, stated “The Company provides complete training on technology platform and is proud of initial success in transforming lives of an individual”. She mentioned the example of one business man with no prior experience in insurance, sold close to 3 lakhs of insurance in his first 2 months. Similarly, few individuals working in private jobs are earning income in thousands in just 2-3 months post training. There are few house wives who are developing their independent source of income as Risk Expert.

She informed that we will incorporate elements of entrepreneurship will within their program so that our Risk Experts are even more successful.

Elaborating on future plans, Mr. Anand stated “We estimate to have over 10,000 Risk Experts across the country by end of 2021 and goal is to have atleast Risk Expert in every village of the country“. This will ensure we  achieve our Vision  of ‘Safe and Secure India’.

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