Sumita Sundaram Vice President - Design and Build services, Vestian

Sumita Sundaram, Vice President – Design and Build Services, Vestian spoke with Estrade Media about the life-changing year 2020 and winning the 2020 Estrade Awards -Digital Edition in the Best Office Interior(National) Category.

List a few things that stood out for you during 2020? Business, Personal or life-changing?

2020 was all about new challenges, be it at work or on the personal front. I believe the critical thing, and the takeaway from the year was our enhanced ability to reassess, rejuvenate and focus on the present and on the things we still had control over. Besides, it taught us to look beyond what we had no control over, something that most of us had forgotten. 

Few words on winning the 2020 Estrade Real Estate Awards – Digital Edition-Office Interior(National) Category?

My team and I are grateful to Estrade Awards 2020 Jury for awarding us in the Best office Interior(National) Category for Vestian Global Workplace Pune. It is an absolute pleasure to be associated with the Estrade Real Estate awards 2020, and I would like to thank the entire team for their valuable contribution. We are proud of our work at Vestian and, at the same time, humbled by this recognition. This award encourages us to put our best foot forward.  

Your views on Market Outlook in 2021?

Though the demand for corporate real estate is witnessing a rise, I still think it is a wait-and-watch scenario as far as this year is concerned. With the vaccine made available and all the other measures in place, the markets are likely to pick up in Q2 and Q3. 

Any expert advice on the economic revival?

Of course, the economy has seen quite some traction post the lockdown, and now with the availability of the vaccine, things are quickly moving towards normalcy. Having said that, there are multiple factors such as an influx of technology, a high level of digitization, practices conducive to safe environments, etc., that will largely influence the commercial real estate sector. 

As they say, the longer you stay on the wicket, the more runs you score. Any words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs and jobseekers in 2021?

Do what you do with passion, and it will reflect in your work. Then again, always try and deliver a little more than what is expected of you. Moreover, try and learn every day. And remember, learning happens by being on the job. There is hope for anyone willing to put their heart and soul into the work.

One thing you are looking forward to in 2021?

It is always a great feeling to see your concept and design transforming to reality; and while 2020 was a challenging year, we have been able to work with some of the industry’s best names.

In 2021, we are looking at growing and strengthening the design capabilities of Vestian. We are still young when it comes to design, but I believe this is the time for growth. I want to make the most of this time so that Vestian can be amongst the top three CRE companies globally. 

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