Manav Shah, Co-Founder, Eduvacancy

Tell our readers about Eduvacancy? Kindly take us through your journey since inception.

Eduvacancy is India’s First and Only Job Search Platform catering to recruitment requirements of the Education Sector. We noticed a huge gap in this segment and witnessed job seekers had no platform to search for genuine and verified jobs within this Industry. Similarly job providers too had no platform to hire quality candidates seeking a career in this industry. Most job search platforms catered to bulk hiring sectors like IT, BFSI and Oil & Gas.

We noticed this pain point and worked on building Eduvacancy, a platform to simplify and smoothen the entire job/talent search journey for job seekers and job providers. With this we also noticed education sector had grown massively in size and had large/bulk requirements of hiring quality candidates. Today we are servicing all sub segments of the industry like Preschools, K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities, Ed-Tech Companies, Coaching Classes, Vocational Training Institutes and Test Prep Centres. Besides Academic Jobs we also have a huge impetus on Non-Academic Jobs in the Education Sector.

We started our journey in April 2021 and it has been an enriching one ever since then. As on today we have over 1,75,000+ registered job seekers, 12,500+ registered job providers and over 20,000+ active job vacancies on our niche job/talent search platform.

What have been your major achievements and your major challenges?

At Eduvacancy we have created a unique feature wherein job seekers can upload their video resume. We believe paper resumes are obsolete and video resume allows job providers to test relevant skills and communication of candidates. It is one of our biggest achievements as we are aiming to transform the way education institutions hire.

Besides that, we have also incorporated an in-built video conferencing platform wherein job seekers and job providers can directly connect with each other on our platform. Through this feature job seekers can attend interviews from any location and need not specifically travel for interviews. It saves time, effort and money. We believe every sector and start-up has challenges, which can be overcome with the right team, right approach and strategy. Our aim and vision is to solve this problem and connect as many job seekers to job providers directly without the intervention of middlemen.

Tell us about current Education sector in India?

 The current education landscape in India is very promising and provides surplus impetus of growth. India has 250+ million school-going students, which leads to huge demand-supply gap with an additional requirement of 200,000 schools, 35,000 colleges, 700 universities.In the next 3-5 years India needs approximately 1mn-1.5mn new teachers every year to match the growth.

Currently Education Sector in all accounts for top 5 employment sectors in our country. Over the last few years consistently there has been a more than 20% increase in hiring in the Education Industry. Beyond that we are also seeing lot of foreign universities and institutes set up campuses in India, which in turn is going to increase the requirements of quality teaching and non-teaching staff.

Your view on the emergence of edu tech sector India

The Edu-tech or Ed-Tech sector in India has grown significantly over the last few years and will continue to grow leaps and bounds as this is just the beginning. The ed-tech space has revolutionized learning mechanisms in India.I believe besides revolutionizing the learning space ed-tech start-ups have also brought innovation within the industry.

The new National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, has put special emphasis on online and digital education. This will pave the way for Ed-tech to be increasingly integrated into India’s education system.The sector will also change and enhance the way education knowledge is being imparted. Learning of new skills and new courses amongst students, millennials and adults has been inculcated due to the emergence of the ed-tech sector.CurrentlyIndia is the second largest market for E- learning after the US.

Role of COVID in the edu tech sector

The pandemic was a boon in disguise for the ed-tech sector. The pandemic enabled ed-tech to become the leading sector for growth. Even though educational technology, or ed-tech, has been around for a while, the worldwide lockdown caused by the pandemic was undoubtedly the driving force for its adoption.

We also saw the birth of multiple new age ed-techs start-ups in the last 2 years. Since March 2020, the number of students learning online in India has increased significantly. Schools, universities, and educational institutions have moved to online education due to the lockdown. In the past few months, the active user base of several ed-tech platforms has doubled in both paid and free daily users.

Current status of Start-up sector and future 

Start-ups in India have grown remarkably over the last 5-7 years. India has become the third-largest start-up ecosystem in the world after the US and China. Currently the Indian start-up ecosystem is growing very rapidly and extremely innovative start-ups are being built. A large portion of start-ups are focusing on addressing and solving extremely critical problems. In 2021 a total of 44 start-ups achieved a Unicorn status and within 2 months of 2022 there are already 10 unicorns in the country.

In the future I expect the entrepreneurial and start-up culture to grow even more rapidly and we are going to see the birth of many more path breaking, revolutionary and innovative start-ups in the country.

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