Chayan Mukhopadhyay, Co-founder and CEO of Qandle.

Tell our readers about Qandle? And your professional journey.

Founded in 2016, Qandle is focused on re-engineering HR Technology from the perspective of employees’. Its founders are Chayan Mukhopadhyay (Co-Founder and CEO) and Himanshu Aggarwal (Co-Founder and CTO). Chayan is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore while Himanshu has graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

Qandle is a smart, cloud-based HR Solution for forward-looking organizations. It is a comprehensive solution and covers the entire gamut of HR activities – from hire to retire. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly with intelligent mobile apps and chatbots available for users on-the-go.

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Can you elaborate on the concept of “HR activities – from hire to retire”.

With Qandle, our clients don’t need any other software to manage their workforce. Our mission is to build connected, empowered, and engaged workplaces.

Qandle distinguishes itself as a comprehensive solution built with the employees in mind, and covers the entire gamut of HR activities – from hire to retire. It has leveraged technology to develop a modular and extremely flexible solution for organizations looking to deliver the next-generation experience to their teams.


We would like to know the importance of Technology in HR operations.

Technology is extremely useful, and necessary for managing HR operations effectively in organizations of all sizes. Absence of technology creates high friction, and poor experiences. Modern HR tools rethinking the future of work hold the potential to revolutionize every industry in terms of experience and functioning.

The use of modern technologies, our solutions can completely take over the mundane HR tasks of organisations, and leave space for HRs to pursue more strategic roles.

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Help us understand the HR Tech Industry and how this has evolved over the years.

The role of HR has evolved a lot over the last thirty years, and HR technology, which exists to support HR has also evolved drastically to keep pace.

HR’s role has completely transformed, from a support function, to a strategic business function. And as a result, HR tech has also transformed from being a system of record in the 90’s to being systems of engagement and intelligence in this decade. As time passes, the role of HR technology in acquiring, retaining and developing talent, and managing the overall workforce in organizations across all industries will only increase.

According to a recent report global HR Technology Market size is projected to reach USD 35.68 billion in 2028. Your take on what will be the market share of Indian Companies.

With time, the world is taking notice of Indian SaaS companies across all industries. Companies like Zoho, Freshworks, Wingify, Chargebee, Zenoti etc are all SaaS companies which originated in India and are now market leaders across the globe. We believe Indian HR tech companies will play a pivotal role in global HR SaaS adoption and growth globally.

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