Tips for buying a second-hand tractor in India


The introduction of modern era vehicles like tractors in the Indian agriculture industry comes with several advantages. Farmers find it easier to carry out field activities due to this machinery. Further, highly efficient tractors bring the entire industry one step closer to development.

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However, buying a new tractor for marginal farmers can be a substantial investment. In that case, there are cost-effective options like second-hand or used tractors available in the market. Several used tractor dealers are functioning in the market currently. Nevertheless, one should proceed with utmost caution before purchasing such tractors.

Here are some factors to consider before investing in a used tractor.

  • Check the condition of the tractor

Potential buyers should make it a point to check the condition of a second-hand tractor before purchasing it. The physical inspection of a tractor’s exterior and interior help in detecting minor damages and repairing them, if necessary. Here are some exterior checks to follow:

  • Tractor body
  • Tyre condition
  • Driver’s seat
  • Rim condition
  • Cabin
  • Indicators and headlights

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Other than this, an inspection of the tractor interior is essential as it gives clarity on whether or not a buyer should purchase the second-hand tractor. Here are the checks involved:

  • Engine leaks
  • Steering function
  • Clutch condition
  • Proper greasing
  • Battery health
  • Tractor running hours
  • Check the RC

One should keep its registration certificate handy for seamless transfer of a used tractor’s ownership. Additionally, individuals can face complications without an RC if they plan to purchase this tractor on loan. Proper verification of essential details like the seller’s name., date of registration, etc., is necessary while checking a registration certificate.

  • Tractor insurance

Buyers should keep an insurance certificate for their used tractor handy in order to avoid legal liabilities. Furthermore, as per the Motor Insurance Act 1989, every vehicle owner should at least obtain a third-party insurance plan. In this regard, owners of a used tractor should also possess a tractor insurance policy and avoid heavy penalties. Without valid insurance, RTO registration cannot be completed. So, it is a must to check the insurance policy documents before buying a second-hand tractor.

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  • Check PUC

Every automobile owner in India should obtain a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate to ensure their vehicle emissions follow the specified standards. Similarly, a person planning to purchase a used tractor must check essential details on its existing PUC certificate like the test date, expiry, test results, etc.

  • Check the service history

The service history of a second-hand tractor sheds light on how often its previous owner has maintained it. The current owner can easily decide how much maintenance is necessary for the optimum functioning of the used tractor by checking the servicing record. So, the maintenance record of a second-hand tractor is another point to factor in, while purchasing it.

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Although second-hand tractors are affordable options, existing issues can increase financial costs. To that end, one should keep the aforementioned pointers in mind and make an informed decision.


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