Mr Rajiv Mittal_MD & Group CEO, VA Tech WABAG

Wednesday, January 19, 2022: VA TECH WABAG LIMITED (‘WABAG’), India’s Global Pure Play Water Technology MNC, has completed 25 years of successfully providing sustainable solutions for a cleaner ecosystem for over 71 million people worldwide.

In line with its vision of ensuring Clean Water & Sanitation, WABAG is among the Top Water Technology players worldwide today. It has used its experience and cutting-edge technology to “passioneer” World’s 1st Direct Potable Reuse Plant & PTA Effluent Recycle Plant. In addition, the firm has also built India’s Largest Municipal Desalination Plant, India’s 1st STP to complete 100,000 hours on a single gas engine & 1st Industrial ETP in India to recycle & reuse treated effluent as process water. Today, WABAG produces 26.5 million m3 of Clean Water; purifies 27 million m3 of Wastewater, Recycles 2.5 million m3 of wastewater, and Desalinates 1.2 million m3 of clean water each day through its 1400+ plants

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO, VA Tech WABAG said, “As we complete 25 years of pioneering advanced technological solutions in the water sector, it gives us a sense of immense satisfaction and pride to be catering to a population of 71 million people worldwide. With the Water Sector in India securing an allocation that has never been witnessed in the history of Independent India, Water Sector clearly emerges as a Top Priority in India. A similar trend has been observed globally, which will help unlock huge potential in the Global Water Market. WABAG, with its technical expertise & execution excellence, emerges as a preferred partner for Governments, Municipalities, ULBs and Industries globally”

He further added, “Through our sustainable & responsible business practices, WABAG adopts an inclusive approach for Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) tenets in its core business. The firm is aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), directly contributing to SDG-6: Clean Water & Sanitation for all

Rajneesh Chopra – Global Head Business Development , VA Tech Wabag Ltd

Rajneesh Chopra, Global Head Business Development said, “Renowned Financial Institutions & Green Funds all across the globe are looking at the Water Sector with renewed interest. There is Notable allocation under Active, Proposed & Pipeline stages from various Global Bilateral & Multilateral Financial Institutions to boost Sustainable Infrastructure. With a vast array of technological solutions which includes 100+ IP Rights and 3 R&D centers, WABAG is well placed to capitalize on the next growth wave in the Water sector”

He further added, “We believe Desalination and Recycle & Reuse to be the key growth drivers to ensure Water Security globally, with an estimated market potential of over $40 Billion”

Continuing its success story, WABAG has successfully forayed into 2 new geographies this financial year, securing a high technology Industrial Order in Russia and a large-scale Desalination project in UAE.