Wego’s recipe to travel more often and avoid job burnout
Wego’s recipe to travel more often and avoid job burnout

Take a day or two annual leave, add a public holiday and weekend, and voila!


Bangalore, 14 March, 2017/Team Estrade//– – Wego.com, the leading travel site in the Asia Pacific and Middle East reveals how it’s possible to travel more often throughout your working year, avoid job burnout and save money as well.

“Beginning a new year is sometimes like firing up an old engine – post holiday blues and the approach of another hard working 12 months can be overwhelming,” said Craig Hewett, co-founder of Wego. “March has arrived already and I wonder just how many of us have implemented our New Year resolution plans to live more and work less?”

Wego’s recipe to travel more often and avoid job burnout
Wego’s recipe to travel more often and avoid job burnout



It’s not too late.

“Even the hardest working executives today are taking more time out at wellness retreats, and business travellers have even created one of the more recent travel industry terms –  bleisure – adding a few days leave on top of their business trips, in an attempt to find a balance in their lives and spend more time with family and friends,” he added.

“In some countries, even those with minimal annual leave allowances, the smartest recipe for optimising the number of holidays you take is to combine leave, weekends and public holidays together,” Hewett continued.

“Holidays are a vital component of a healthy and happy lifestyle and by planning ahead and extending public holidays throughout the year with the addition of some annual leave, you’ll not only be able to travel more, you’ll regain a feeling of balance and control over your working life with so many great experiences to look forward to and break the burnout cycle.”

You can save money too.

“By booking ahead, you’ll also benefit from finding some great flight and hotel deals at affordable prices,” he said.

Wego has produced a series of public holiday calendars to cover 11 countries in its core markets, free and available for download here.

“We’ve created these calendars to show you how easy it is to plan a year full of multiple holidays, great travel experiences, and make a happy, healthy lifestyle a simple reality,” concluded Hewett. “You’ll also find the best travel deals all in one place on the Wego travel app, so take a break, grab a coffee and start planning your adventures now – it’s not too late!”

About Wego

Wego.com provides award winning travel search websites and top ranked mobile apps for travellers living in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Wego harnesses powerful yet simple to use technology that automates the process of searching and comparing results from hundreds of airline, hotel and online travel agency websites.

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Wego’s recipe to travel more often and avoid job burnout