Manjari Sharma, CPO & Co-founder of FreightFox

It’s still a tough world out there for women, despite the progress we’ve made. It’s important to remember that these feelings of doubt are natural for women, and it’s only by acknowledging and working through them that we can help ourselves and others deal with them meaningfully.

There is much we can do as women leaders to create an inclusive space at work – using gender-neutral pronouns, being sensitive to the needs and situations of other women colleagues, amplifying women’s voices to ensure that their opinions are heard, or even creating forums where such conversations can be had safely. This ensures open and focused dialogue that emphasises real change, not just for women but for the entire organisation.

My advice to all the awesome women out there is to stop measuring yourself on what others may say, think, or expect you to be. Take pride in your achievements and be unapologetic about chasing your dreams. There’s always a way forward!”