AIoT is a fusion of AI - Artificial Intelligence and IoT - Internet of Things.



One of the most trending buzzwords currently in the IT sector is AIoT. As the name indicates, AIoT is a fusion of AI – Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Internet of Things. While both AI and IoT have their individual operations and characteristics, their combination brings out a whole new scope for digital transformation.
Post-pandemic the world has seen an insurmountable dependency on technology. People are now depending on technology from counting their calories to online monetary management. With AIoT, the IoT part deals with the devices interacting with the internet and AI makes the devices learn from their data and experience.
Businesses to achieve digital transformation can deploy AIoT to generate predictive analytics or anomaly alerts by shifting through millions of tank level data points. If AIoT is deployed at the edge computing, it helps reduce bandwidth and latency while enhancing privacy and security. AIoT can provide support for data analytics solutions that can create value out of IoT-generated data. While the concept of AIoT is still relatively new, there is a scope to improve the growth of various industry verticals. However, AIoT could be a viable solution to solve existing operational problems, such as the expense associated with effective human capital management (HCM) or the complexity of supply chains and delivery models. AIoT helps organizations promote learning and personalization at the same time.
For a productive digital transformation, AIoT synergizes solutions by allowing the inclusion of more advanced predictive capabilities. AIoT can use data analytics to make suitable suggestions or undertake commensurate actions. Let’s know about a few ways how AIoT can influence the changes:
  • Intelligent Decision Making: AIoT can help enterprises to intelligently manage this overwhelming data in a way that provides valuable insights that they can use to make smart decisions.
  • High Operational Efficiency: Using smart automation organizations can increase their operational efficiency and optimize their expenditure.
  • Accurate Predictions: With the high amount of data collected and analyzed, organizations can predict output of the operations more accurately than ever.
  • Better Customer Experience: AIoT can help organizations understand their preferences by creating agile, targeted, and effective customer experience strategy. They are able to treat every customer individually by considering their habits, patterns, and preferences.
  • IoT Scalability: AI-powered IoT ecosystem analyzes and summarizes the data from one device before transferring it to another. As such, it reduces large volumes of data to a handy level and allows connecting to a large number of IoT devices.
  • No Costly Unplanned Downtime: The predictive maintenance with AIoT allows you to predict the equipment failure in advance and schedule orderly maintenance procedures.
These changes help organizations diversify and have an edge over their competitors. AIoT is supported by artificial intelligence, 5G network and big data.
The AIoT fusion is increasingly becoming mainstream, as it continues to push the boundaries of data processing and intelligent learning for years to come. IoT coupled with AI technology can lead the way to the advanced level of solutions and experience.
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Vikas Bhonsale is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Crayon Software Esperts India Pvt. Ltd. He has been associated with Crayon since the past 6 years and holds more than 19 years of extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development and client relationship management.
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AIoT is a fusion of AI – Artificial Intelligence and IoT – Internet of Things.