Sanjay Dhavalikar, Founder & Director, Archis Business Solutions Pvt ltd
Sanjay Dhavalikar, Founder & Director, Archis Business Solutions Pvt ltd

Archis a prominent service provider of Transaction Processing Management, Customer Service Management, Audits, Risks & Compliance to corporate, started under the guidance of Sanjay Dhavalikar, Founder & Director, Archis Business Solutions Pvt ltd who comes with a domain expertise & experience of 25+ years in the BFSI industry. He spoke about customer focus, timely delivery, and competition in market. He also elaborated on ‘Swa-Tantra-Dnyan Sahakar Parishad’initiative and  the scope of BFSI sector in India

  • Team Estrade: What is Archis? What are all the services Archis provides?

Sanjay Dhavalikar: Archis was established with an objective to provide the BFSI & ITES Industry as a trusted partner offering cost-effective outsourcing in the areas of Operations Management, Data Processing, Customer Service and Audits & Compliance.  In simple words, Archis is nothing but ‘your customers, our solutions’.

  • Team Estrade: After working for more than 25 years in senior positions in the Banking & Insurance companies, what was your motivation in starting out on your own? What made you think of Archis? What were the risks and how did you mitigate them?

Sanjay Dhavalikar: Having the domain experience of this sector for 25+ years, with a significant part of it in senior positions, I realized that reform and deregulation are changing the face of BFSI industry on large scale, and the pace of this change is also accelerating! Also, new players, new products, new channels, new trends are creating competitions that did not hitherto exist, and because of these facts, there is a huge pressure on the efficiency in the sector.

I also found that these new avenues in terms of players, services are resulting in a defused loyalty of customers, and customer may choose the player who is giving hassle free and efficient services. With all of these observations, I came to the conclusion that retaining the customer will be the key to success. In current scenario, service provider plays significant role in providing services to end customer too and hence his experience and service delivery with reliable and consistent service providing is the key to success. With all this, I came to an understanding that there is a need for such a company which has got a holistic approach, one that knows all the facets of the business, one that can provide flawless and efficient service delivery to the end customer; and with all this in mind in 2014, Archis Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was established.

“New players, new products, new channels, new trends are creating competitions that did not hitherto exist, and because of these facts, there is a huge pressure on the efficiency in the sector”

  • Team Estrade: So how was Archis intended to be any different from other BPOs in this line of business? Has that difference persisted over the last two years of Archis’ track record?

Sanjay Dhavalikar: Firstly, our agenda is customer focus; we focus on timely delivery with proven execution track record. We have in-depth understanding of regulations & risks involved in business and strong governance framework to align services to delivery requirements. Secondly, our quality in work, we give attention to detail in every element of client interaction. We have disciplined project management through a pool of domain experts that understands business. We thrive on a zero-defect culture. Archis is Cost Effective, with access to experts in the respective field and highly scalable/ rapid response. Thirdly, the workload of Archis is balanced across multiple locations and shifts to maximize the use of resources and take advantage of natural variations in project types. We have multi-lingual capabilities & 24 X 7 coverage to meet clients’ business needs. Our Flexibility of engagement model is aligned to our strategic client objectives.

  • Team Estrade: When you say ‘Archis has now come of age’, was that the trigger behind organizing the ‘Swa-Tantra-Dnyan Sahakar Parishad’? And is this going to be an ongoing series? What other initiatives is Archis planning on this front?

Sanjay Dhavalikar: The conference was organized to educate and enable the home-grown BFSI Industry to make the digital leap, outsource functions and harness efficiency and help cooperative banks, credit societies and microfinance companies to overcome the technological hurdle and make them aware of the digital age solutions that give quick and credible returns. It was addressed by a number of domain experts and guest speakers. This gathering was the key that was needed to open the door of facilitation to the co-operative banking sector to overcome their hurdles & inertia!. Archis has already started working on reaching towards its goal to provide efficient services to their end customers. And yes, we intend holding such conferences, and their frequency will also continue to increase. Very shortly, we are planning a similar initiative at Mumbai, on a much larger scale. We are also at an advanced stage of conceptualizing a ‘Banking Experience & Excellence Centre’ which will be both, a source of optimally trained manpower for the sector across all levels, and will also be a ‘think tank’ on HR, Operations and technology-related matters for this sector.

  • Team Estrade: Where do you see the BFSI sector in India headed in the near future, the challenges likely to be faced and what could be the solutions? What role is Archis going to play in this entire cycle?

Sanjay Dhavalikar: We are adapting innovative trends, practices and new technologies like Mobility & Cloud based Solutions, multi-lingual CRM and some other critical customer facing application, to cater the needs of end customers. Virtual banking and Business Correspondent model, in near future, will be very critical to the banking sector and Archis has already started working on it. To sum it all, Archis believes in providing flawless and efficient services and we are there for our customers with solutions.

Archis: We thrive on a zero-defect culture