Saurabh Varma, Chief Marketing Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd. talks to us about his personal space while working from home & important management lessons learnt during COVID19.

List something’s you miss the most about working from the office?

When you go to office, you constantly brainstorm with various functions and colleagues, on a real time basis. Newer ideas and strategies emerge during those impromptu discussions with them. The office work zone provides you the environment to challenge and constantly ponder upon your own work. It also brings in a certain discipline to your work routine that optimises work results. Never have I gone to office in my 23 years of working and not learned something new.

What are the management lessons from COVID19?

KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT FROM URGENT: This is a time to learn and dissect the important from urgent things. This is a time to plan and address the important issues.

DIGITAL COMMUNICATION IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT: We need to abandon our old school habits of physically travelling and meeting people. Video and digital interaction can save a lot of travel time.

TRUE TEST OF A LEADER: These are the times that are a true test for a leader. How each and every one of us is treating our own team mates and handling the crisis, will make the leader stand apart from the rest.

TEAM PLAY CAN MAKE YOUR WINNER: True people management skills are put to test during these times of crisis. Caring, careful listening and empathy are essential today to keep everyone motivated. There are very limited job opportunities outside hence, this is the time to treat your own people positively. Good team mates are like assets and this is the best time to nurture their loyalty for the organisation.

TIME TO LEARN MORE AND DELGATE TASKS: These are times when authority can be distributed and sub-leaders can be identified. The strong can easily stand apart and the less-experienced can utilise time to learn and grow.

BE HEALTHY, REMAIN HEALTHY: Personal Safety and Health Is paramount, specially your very own mental health.

TIME TO SET NEW SAFETY STANDARDS @ WORK AND AT HOME: We need to build newer healthy work zones and consumer safety touch points. The world will not be the same after this crisis and we have to accept it and begin planning the next steps.

Saurabh Varma, Chief Marketing Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd.

What does your Home office space look like?

Best part is that there is no home office space. You can choose to sit in your balcony window or in the living room couch or your study area, depending on the weather, mood and your own frame of mind. The workspace is free, just like your mind. My personal space is sitting next to my speaker and listening to music while I work alone in peace.

Are you reading, drawing, writing, learning or anything or just lying around?

Being a cinema entertainment industry professional, I am presently catching up with different genre of films made all around the world. There is so much to learn from Korean, Japanese and Spanish films. Some of the documentaries available are absolutely thought provoking.

I have also been writing a script for a Hindi Film Project about a man who is absolutely impatient (like most of us) and how one day, circumstances put him in a situation where everything comes to stand-still (just like it has happened with all of us). This is the coming of age of a restless man and how when he has his back against the wall, he has to overcome his own shortcomings and save the world.

Saurabh Varma, Chief Marketing Officer – INOX Leisure Ltd.

WFH, tell us what are your break time activities?

I have two dogs, a Cocker-spaniel and a Spitz. Spending time and playing with them is the biggest stress-buster for me. Also, I have begun interacting with my wife and kids, they seem like nice people to now. (Laughs)

What are you planning to do in December 2020?

Would love to shoot a film in a beautiful serene part of our own country where I can truly experience the nature to the fullest. Would also like to revisit a few restaurants that I have been missing for a while.

How are you taking care of your mental wellbeing?

I have stopped reading newspaper. Sometimes, keeping yourself less informed works better, especially when you cannot do anything about the situation.

One activity you will like to recommend everyone.

Yoga at home is a must do for all those who haven’t tried it yet.

First thing you will do once you are set free

Would love to take out my dogs for a walk to the Juhu beach. I am missing spending time with mother nature that is presently blooming and itself enjoying the less interfering world.

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