CASSINI SYSTEMS introduces cutting-edge solutions for two large sectors
CASSINI SYSTEMS introduces cutting-edge solutions for two large sectors

CASSINI SYSTEMS Launches Comprehensive Cloud Solutions for Infrastructure and Manufacturing Sectors

CASSINI SYSTEMS today announced general availability of a set of comprehensive cloud and on premise solutions for infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. For the infrastructure they are launching two products: Cassini.IS and Cassini.TM. Cassini.IS is an end-to-end project management solution to manage all aspects of small and large infrastructure projects. Cassini.TM is workflow-driven task management solution mainly addressing the day-to-day tasks of projects. And for the manufacturing they are releasing Cassini.PDM/PLM, Cassini.MES and Cassini.IM. Cassini.PDM/PLM is aimed at managing all product data and product lifecycle. Cassini.MES is focused on manufacturing and shop floor operations. And Cassini.IM is a comprehensive inventory management solution. These products address a wide array of issues in their respective sectors.

“In India, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors are still unorganized and in many ways chaotic and businesses face a number of challenges aligning resources with their processes. With the release of our comprehensive cloud and mobile solutions for these sectors, CASSINI SYSTEMS is trying to bring some order”, said Raghuram Reddy Tera, Chairman & Managing Director of CASSINI SYSTEMS. “We have been working with a number of customers in each sector for the past six months to build various solutions to address the challenges of these sectors. The number one challenge businesses face is not that they do not have efficient processes or lack of people talent. It is enforcing these processes and aligning the talent with their business processes. Our objective is to bring these two together with technology and offer affordable solutions to our customers. Our strength is not just in our technology but also our deep domain knowledge in these sectors. These solutions are built with the best practices from each sector”, said Raghuram.

Infrastructure solutions are targeted at different sub-sectors like mining, irrigation, highway construction, power plants, ports, oil & gas, commercial real-estate, etc. Every sub-sector has unique challenges and different views of the project data. “What customers have been telling us is that all current solutions out there in the market are very generic and do not provide the flexibility and configurability required to suit their unique needs. With this, these customers have spent a lot of time, money and resources and have been disappointed due to lack of proper customizations”, said Naresh Kumar Yerrabachu, GM, Business Development, of CASSINI SYSTEMS.  “Our solutions offer unique templates for each sector based on industry best practices and customer feedback. These templates offer a good starting point for our customers, which can be further customized based on their needs”, said Naresh Kumar.

CASSINI SYSTEMS’ manufacturing solutions are targeted at various sub-sectors like automotive, aerospace, tools & machinery, plastics, foundry, publishing, etc. As with infrastructure each sector has its own problems and requirements. “Our solutions are well received by our early customers we have been talking to due to their depth of functionality as well as ease of use”, said Naresh Kumar. “While Cassini.PDM/PLM is focused on product and process data, Cassini.MES addresses the challenges of shop floor automation. Cassini.MES enable the visibility of shop floor to the top floor (management). Apart from this we also offer Cassini.IM to manage the inventory of all the parts/assemblies for product development”, said Naresh Kumar.

“CASSINI SYSTEMS is picking up some momentum in these industry sectors by engaging customers early on in the product development cycle. Our products offer competitive advantage to our customers over their competitors by streamlining the business processes and enforcing best practices in each industry. These products are available to all our customers with flexible licensing model and are very affordable. As the adoption of cloud application is on the rise, CASSINI SYSTEMS is well positioned to provide value and greater ROI for our customers”, said Raghuram.

CASSINI SYSTEMS’, through Cassini Advantage, its signature program, also offers a number of value-added services to maximize customers’ return on their investment.

Before CASSINI SYSTEMS, Raghuram Reddy Tera was the co-founder, chief technology officer and VP of Engineering at Perception Software, an enterprise software provider for product development organizations, whose customer list includes many Fortune 500 companies.

Before CASSINI SYSTEMS, Naresh Yerrabachu is a founder director at Hiindsight – promoting state-of-the-art automation systems in improving manufacturing productivity. Naresh has vast international experience with GE Aviation and Siemens PLM in implementing enterprise wide solutions for Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Heavy Machinery, Energy and Pharma industry verticals.

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CASSINI SYSTEMS introduces cutting-edge solutions for two large sectors