MUMBAI, IndiaDec. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sapphire Glass Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the glass processing industry with over two decades of expertise, proudly unveils Sapphire Tuff, its flagship laminated glass offering. Renowned for its precision, durability, and cutting-edge technology, Sapphire Tuff sets a new benchmark for quality and innovation, and is one of the leading glass processors in the market.

Spanning across a sprawling 1,00,000 square feet, the state-of-the-art facility located in Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, signifies Sapphire Tuff’s commitment to unmatched quality and service. The infrastructure boasts advanced automation and machinery, enabling the processing of tempered, high-performance, custom laminated, and insulated glass units with precision that exceeds industry standards.

At Sapphire Tuff, innovation is at the core of our operations. Our facility is meticulously designed to handle glass panels sized up to 3000mm x 6000mm with overhead handling systems, minimizing human intervention and ensuring superior quality control at every step of production. This emphasis on cutting-edge technology and automation underscores our dedication to delivering excellence in every pane of glass manufactured.

“Sapphire Tuff is not just about glass; it’s about transforming visions into reality,” remarked Hussain R, Founder of Sapphire Glass Solutions Pvt. Ltd. “Whether it’s enhancing energy efficiency with coated glass for exteriors, meeting structural and strength demands, or crafting breathtaking decorative glass for interior applications, Sapphire Tuff is here to bring your architectural dreams to life.”

The hallmark of Sapphire Tuff lies in its versatility and reliability. Architects, builders, and designers seeking glass solutions that combine aesthetics with functionality find their answer in Sapphire Tuff laminated glass. The product lineup includes solutions for noise reduction, structural integrity, and stunningly beautiful decorative applications, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse project requirements.

Moreover, the commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in Sapphire Tuff’s ethos. By providing energy-efficient glass solutions, the company contributes to reducing carbon footprints while elevating architectural design to sustainable heights.

Sapphire Tuff has emerged as the go-to choice for those seeking superior quality, innovation, and reliability in toughened glass. With an unwavering focus on service and quality, the company continues to lead the industry, setting new standards with every pane of Sapphire Tuff glass manufactured.

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