Mr. Sridhar Kuchibhottlla, Founder and CEO Tanserv
Mr. Sridhar Kuchibhottlla, Founder and CEO Tanserv

TanServ caters to services in the niche area of Working Capital Optimization in the B2B Domain and Mr. Kuchibhottlla, an expert at turning around and developing profitable portfolios for business states that Around 22% of organizations Human Capital are spent in collections activity, directly or indirectly. Excerpts:

  • Can you talk a little about your background and how you came to found Tanserv?

I am an MBA-Engineer with about 20 years of experience across industries and across geographies in India. I have always been a front end person (Sales & Marketing) and have now moved into managing a back end firm.  It was during my last stint with GE that I got to know more details into this space of Enterprise Account Receivables collections. I realised that there hardly were any organised players in India which provides this service.

  • What are the Tanserv domain expertise and service provided?

TanServ is an Enterprise Account Receivables Servicing organization. Our expertise involves AR Servicing in the large corporate and mid-market Segments.  “Complete ownership” is the key to all our operation. We work with the internal teams of clients to ensure all the required work (documentation, tax clarifications, Service SLAs etc.) is completed in time to ensure faster collections. If it means reaching out to various internal stakeholders for signoffs and/or other requirements, we make it our responsibility to do it. We believe in solving issues with complete ownership to ensure faster collections “Complete Ownership” is core to our approach which is a studied mix of digital, tele- calling &  on field work. We have on field presence in about 12 cities and the tele-calling activity is undertaken from the call center at Gurgaon. We already work with many Fortune 500 companies including some of top Industrial/IT/Chemical companies in India.

  • What according to you specifically leads to mismanagement Working Capital for a company?

Multiple factors lead to issues with Working Capital requirement for an organisation. It starts with payables to inventory management to receivables. Most of the times, it is the receivables which create problems. As an organisation, the focus should be on the quality of the product/service being offered. Longer credit can never replace a world class product and the emphasis has to be on payment in time. A robust credit system followed by a robust collection system would always build the platform for a great organisation.

TanServ brings professional and organised approach to Enterprise AR collections

  • Who are your current clients and which sectors mostly need your service

TanServ works with MNC’s across various sectors. It has clients from sectors like IT, pharmaceutical, hospitality, medical and industrial equipment and chemicals. At present some of our clients are Wipro, Infotech, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson & Johnson, and Kusters Engineering

  • What kind of competition does Tanserv have? And how it vies to stay ahead?

Competition in this space is not very organised. We have many firms working with a much localised approach, which have got into this space as an extension of other financial services being provided. There is no focused approach to Enterprise AR work by these firms. TanServ brings that professional and organised approach to Enterprise AR collections. It starts with our approach towards the clients to investment into better quality talent to providing robust analytics. TanServ provides a complete package for any organisation to be assured of the delivery. As a concept, ‘Total Ownership’ is what we offer and that is what would keep us ahead at all times.

  • What is next for Tanserv?

TanServ plans to double its topline every year for the next 5 years. This would mean    substantial growth in the team size and the pressures on building good manager pipeline. This will be possible only when we continue to add significant value to our clients continuously. That requires investment in talent & technology, for which we have built a clear roadmap. We are also working on some fabulous products which would complement the services we offer.

Complete Ownership with Tanserv