Government must work on the Early Childhood Education
Lucky Surana, Founder - Mind Ventures International
Government must work on the Early Childhood Education
Lucky Surana, Founder – Mind Ventures International

Estrade Media Pte. Ltd., recently concluded the Estrade Education Conclave & Awards 2017 – Singapore, on 25th March 2017. Team Estrade got an exclusive opportunity to speak to Lucky Surana, Founder – Mind Ventures International. Lucky is an industrialist by profession and educationist at heart. He ventured into the educational field with the sole purpose of making ‘soft skills enhancement’ available to all, and learning fun. The young entrepreneur took the bold step to launch the institute in a little room, at the young age of 19, without much resources or support. Following are the excerpts of Team Estrade’s conversation with Lucky Surana.

About Mind Ventures International (MVI)

Mind Ventures International (MVI), focuses on holistic development of children aged 3-16 years via ICT and Application based learning, for the past 17 years since July 2001. MVI, through its multi-faceted programs has created a niche by way of its 3 major programs – Tech Z (Learning through the use of Technology), Skill Z (Where Learning is Fun) and KTC (the Funtellect Club – Application based learning).

Mind Ventures International has been actively conducting workshops with corporate clients that include, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Fiserv, LG and many social clubs like Corinthians Club, Poona Club, Vision Group, Jain Social Group in being a part of their CSR activity. MVI has conducted workshops in association with NIE, Indian Express, Times Group, Sakaal Times etc.

The company plans to continue contributing to the world of education by going on with its current developmental programs and also expanding into various other cities. By training and creating a skilled ‘Gen-Next’, Mind Ventures International is doing its bit to create a smarter India.

  • How do you see the growth of Education and Skill Development initiatives in India Today?

I feel there is tremendous growth for Education and Skill development in India because people have definitely realised the importance of education and the benefits of education after they gain financial prudence through job/business.

  • What’s your view on the demand for skilled professionals in both the organized and unorganized parts across sectors?

The demand for skilled professionals has increased in a huge way as big enterprises are open for delegation and also the idea of hiring services / outsourcing their work.

  • Do you see FDI in the Education sector coming to India in a big way? The sector has done really well over the years after all, so, any investments would be a safe bet. Your views.

I see if FDI comes to India in Education sector, then it will enhance the speed with which we are creating professionals because of the variety of courses/programs that will become  available to them. This will also help promote the concept of practical working and experience which Indian Education system has started to adapt to recently.

  • What is the key change you strongly feel that the Government must do in policy?

I strongly believe the Government must work on the Early Childhood Education Policies in a Big way because from there the entire root gets shaped. Very important for a child, this in the future will give them wings to fly to the levels of their dreams and help achieve them.

  • What is the biggest challenge faced by the Education and Skill Development sectors in India? How do you propose the country should address this challenge?

The biggest challenge for the education sector today is the number of people who have ventured into it considering only the financial output and not focusing on service. The second challenge according to me is too much focus is given in creating academic masters, completely ignoring the importance of their other skill sets. Yes academic excellence adds up to their overall growth but that is not the only aspect one should focus on. I believe industries/organisations should also employ people considering their various strengths in other fields. I would personally propose to give Parallel Education similar importance in academic education.

  • What is your ultimate goal when it comes to your work? What do you want your institution/ self to be remembered for?

My goal through my organisation Mind Ventures International is to reach out to maximum number of kids/students through parallel education like development through Technology & Application based learning and making them realise their hidden potential apart from academic excellence. I want my organisation to be remembered as the best service provider in revealing the best in kids through their exposure to a diversity of experiences of life which will help make them the future leaders of our country.

  • What advice would you give to students and job seekers today?

My advice to students & job seekers is having SELF BELIEF in achieving what they dream of. Nothing in this world is impossible but at the same time nothing can happen if we fail to have self belief . The key is to have enough confidence in yourself and having a bounce back attitude even after failure because each time you fail it is creating a step for you to move ahead. So don’t stop when you fail, infact work more hard towards achieving your goals. Do not believe in people who laugh at your dreams. Follow your passion irrespective of the field of choice for your academic career. Its never late to follow your passion and make a profession out of it.

Government must work on the Early Childhood Education