• After successful Android App, EarlySalary.com launches is iOS App Version

  • Pune Based Fin-tech Start-up that has already crossed 65000 app downloads within 75 days of launch

EarlySalary, India’s first Mobile App that gives instant cash, today launched its iPhone App for iOS users. The high growth Fin-tech Startup has disrupted technology for giving instant cash to young working individuals in India. Powered with triple digital score carding and social media underwriting systems, EarlySalary.com is able to decision within 10 minutes and transfer instant cash to customers in real time. Having created a strong user base of more than 65,000+ Android application users, this new revolutionary iOS app is going to enhance customer engagement and penetrate the iPhone market users in India.

Instant Cash on Your iPhone with EarlySalary.com
Instant Cash on Your iPhone with EarlySalary.com

The mobile app aims at not just supporting young professionals overcome their mid-month and month-end financial needs, but plays a role of a true friend by giving instant cash when you need it the most.

Users can just download the mobile app and login using their Facebook account with some basic details and apply for a loan. Within 10 minutes, the user will be notified that his/her loan request has been approved. The company provides unsecured loans from as low as Rs.10000 up to Rs.100000 for up to 30 days. The iOS app is an answer to the increasing requests we have been getting from iPhone users so as to meet their necessities and live a carefree life. This visually appealing, user-friendly application facilitates hassle-free loan application and subsequent repayment without any delays. Additionally, it gives users updates on new discounts/offers.

Commenting on the launch, Akshay Mehrotra, Co-founder & CEO at EarlySalary.com, said, “the aspirational value of an iPhone is second to none. This is reiterated with Apple increasing its range to reach out to a wider audience by launching models like iPhone SE. Most of the employees working with the companies we have tied up for salary advances have iPhones and we have been receiving requests from these to expedite our iOS launch. We believe that iOS acceptance has gone up considerably and 30% increase in our customer base will also happen from iOS introduction.”

Adding further he said,  “We are ramping up our marketing on iOS and Android store to increase our customer base from this month and we hope we can increase the number by 100% from this month itself”.

Instant Cash on Your iPhone with EarlySalary.com