Mr. Ashish Rohilla & Mr. J Ranjan, Founder, Intelliber
Mr. Ashish Rohilla & Mr. J Ranjan, Founder, Intelliber

Intelliber is product, solutions and innovation focused firm consistently winning the acclaims from world’s reputed organization and publications. As an OIN (Open Invention Network) member. Its goals are to transform the way people utilize information technology in their everyday life without any kind of patent non-infringement and patent non-aggression. Their products target multiple market segments and customer profiles e.g. students, corporate communication, and Socio communication with learning and commercial integrations. Talking to Estrade Mr. J Ranjan & Mr. Ashish Rohilla, Founder, Intelliber shared details about Artificial Intelligence platform Socialyk, challenges in IT industry and their urge to tap critical domains

  • Team Estrade: Tell us about Intelliber since inception?

Ranjan & Ashish: Intelliber was found in 2014 as a result of the ideas of its founders J Ranjan & Ashish Rohilla to improve productivity, quality and speed of the corporate communications with enhanced operational capabilities. We started our operations globally with the launch of our social enterprise networking platform; Convask as an offline version to project & operations management tools required by SME’s. Convask was a result of extensive market research and pricing strategy performed by the Cambridge University, UK.  We offer up to 5 corporate users per company with a full functional free service. During its beta development phase, we understood the criticality of time in order to achieve the traction and market leadership by multitasking itself, so we started development of our other products simultaneously and developed almost six world class products so far. Our research, news and events platform; Contentuals went live in July 2015 and we are releasing the world’s 1st market and social factor based consumer networking platform; Socialyk to the public on 25th December 2015.

  • Team Estrade: How Socialyk is going to transform the lives of its users? 

Ranjan & Ashish: Socialyk is an amazing platform with the artificial intelligence capabilities by utilizing the big data. This is one of a unique product because of its versatile capabilities. Let us think about a scenario where you are eager to learn “Samba Pandeiro” but you won’t have the resources to go to Brazil and learn this beautiful instrument and its methodology. You are looking for an “instructor” or “Peer” but unable to find one. Don’t worry Socialyk will allow connection to the best peer in the world with a highly undisclosed intelligence evaluation based system. Now think about another scenario where a woman wants to record an incident immediately and effectively. This platform will also help bringing women empowerment, social innovation and cultural learning to another level (to name a few).

  • Team Estrade: What are the challenges that the software sector faces in the new millennium? 

Ranjan & Ashish: Software sector is growing at an exceptional speed, technologies are improving, products are improving it capabilities frequently, and customer interest is becoming more demanding. This is a very high speed era where you just start thinking of something and it’s in the market next day or already exists. The biggest challenges for the millennial are to predict future and in conjunction with prediction consistently innovate. 

“The biggest challenges for the millennial are to predict future and in conjunction with prediction consistently innovate”  

  • Team Estrade: How do you ensure that your competitive strategy aligns with the market?

Ranjan & Ashish: Our competitive strategy is driven by a mix of values from innovation in product, people & technology AND by choosing the product differentiation and Focus.  As porter says “Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing to perform activities then rivals to deliver a unique mix of value”.

  • Team Estrade: How do you ensure innovation in product development?

Ranjan & Ashish: Each and every product is a perfect mix of innovation and design thinking. We follow innovation best practices which start from generating a DOT or idea fragment to the product acceptance in the market. We do extensive primary and secondary market research with the help of top class consultants before starting every project.

  • Team Estrade: What IT trends are likely to transform our industry over the next 2 years?

Ranjan & Ashish: “CloudPlatforms”, “Artificial Intelligence”and “Big Data” are the next big trends and will make a considerable impact on our lives in next two years.

  • Team Estrade: What is the roadmap ahead for Intelliber?

Ranjan & Ashish: Keep developing the market critical product with innovative capacity and to touch some of the highly untouched critical domains.

Intelliber: Artificial Intelligence is the next big trend