Lars Dithmer MD Alfa Laval India Ltd.
Lars Dithmer MD Alfa Laval India Ltd.

Alfa Laval focuses on energy optimization, environmental protection and food production through our technological leadership in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With more than 1900 patents, they provide worldwide solutions in areas that are vital to society both today and for the future. Talking to Estrade Team, Lars Dithmer, MD Alfa laval said that through activities with customers my interest for engaging with people and see teams and organisations develop was sparked. Excerpts

Lars Dithmer talks to Estrade Editorial Team about energy optimization, environmental protection and food production.

  1. Give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Danish national with a background as mechanical engineer (energy and design). I have spent some 25+ years in the process industry – always on the equipment and project supplier side, mostly working with international clients. Process engineering was the starting point, technical and commercial management followed. I have been fortunate to travel and work in many places of the world and have, apart from Denmark, lived in Pakistan, China, Hong Kong and now in India.

  1. India is one of your major manufacturing hubs for exporting across the globe, ALFA LAVAL contribution to the Indian landscape (industry specific)?

Alfa Laval has been present in India for more than 75 years, offering our product portfolio for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, reaching the market through 15 sales and service offices across the country. Since many years back we have been “making in India”, both for the Indian market and for global supply from our 5 factories located in Pune, Satara and Sarole. Our products cater for a wide part of the process sector such as food, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, power, and marine. Our contribution to the Indian landscape is found across the process industries. We engage with a keen focus on providing highly efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for water supply, energy and food.

  1. Could you name few major clients across India and in what industry sectors you are catering them into?

We serve clients across the process industries with our products for heating, cooling, separation and transport duties. Driven by growing energy needs, stricter environmental regulations and an improving standard of living, the energy, food and environmental sectors are key for us and drives demand, both in India and globally.

  1. Your journey been from a mechanical engineer to Managing Director Alfa Laval India?

With a background in mechanical engineering, focusing on energy and design – and an interest for process technology, my career started in R&D working on various projects within thermal process technology. Through activities with customers my interest for engaging with people and see teams and organisations develop was sparked. Activities within strategic development of businesses and working in a corporate development function have been valuable elements of the journey to where I am today.

  1. Special Experiences in India and comment on the Corporate Social responsibility initiatives in India?

I find India a truly remarkable country, so diverse and rich in culture and resources across the country – and with a history dating back very long. One should take great care not to generalize. If I should pick out one experience that I find very special, it would be the joy and smiles an, apparent, small gesture often bring. We have in Alfa Laval India a dedicated team working on Corporate Social Responsibility activities. We are very focused on making sure our contributions are reaching the ones in need, delivering sustainable improvements within the areas of sanitation, hygiene and education. This work is carried out in close cooperation with local Non Governmental Organisations having a specific knowledge about the areas they work within.

Interaction with MD, Alfa Laval India Ltd, Lars Dithmer