Vinayak V Bhosale, Management Trustee of Sanjay Ghodawat

Tell our readers about University- Sanjay Ghodawat University and your professional journey?

The Chairman Sanjay Ghodawat established the Sanjay Ghodawat Group in the 90s beginning with Consumer Products. Before this, he had tasted failure in other ventures. But learning from them, he was resolved to succeed. He tasted success in the 90s and our Group ventured into Consumer Goods, Textiles, Energy, Real Estate, Marble Mining, Jaggery Production, Airlines, etc. Today more than 10,000 people are directly employed by our Group. It was with the attitude of giving back to the society that in 2009 the Sanjay Ghodawat Institutes was established with Engineering and Management to begin with.

We soon expanded to Polytechnic, International School, Junior College, IIT & Medical Academy, Administrative services, etc. Our Engineering and Management Colleges were afforded NAAC ‘A’ Grade and the programs were accredited by NBA. In 2017 we established the State Private University, Sanjay Ghodawat University with the approval from UGC and Govt of Maharashtra. Today 16000 students are taking education in the Sanjay Ghodawat Educational Campus.

We offer courses through the School of Technology, School of Management, School of Commerce, School of Liberal Arts, School of Physical Sciences, School of Allied Health Sciences, School of Computers Science and Engineering, School of Design and Architecture & School of Pharmacy. The focus of the education is on holistic development and also inculcating entrepreneurial spirit and job-oriented skills among students to prepare them as global citizens. We have tied up with International Universities like Teeside (UK), San Jose (USA), University of South Carolina Aiken (USA), etc to give global exposure to our students and teaching staff.

Help us understand the current trends of Education in India, especially in Higher Education.

Today we have a positive trend of youngsters as well as their parents and guardians toward higher education. We find that many youths are aware of the importance of education and opt for higher studies. That is a welcome change.

Also, technology has made education possible in remote places. Today a student can be at home and complete his degree online. We also have Government policies that are helping boost the education system in India. The new education policy with its emphasis on skill impartation for jobs and entrepreneurial ventures is also very conducive to the Education sector.

Throw some light on the key learning of Education institute from COIVD 19

Some of the learnings from Covid 19 are the Use of technology to reach students wherever they are, the importance of health education and sanitization for students, flexibility in the mode of teaching to adapt to physical as well as online classes, and distance, and infrastructure are not constraints for learning anymore and holistic education that involves the faculties of mind, spirit, body, and emotions is important.

You’re the thought on GOI plan to roll out the new higher education curriculum that stresses the Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

I welcome the new education policy introduced for its focus on an inclusive approach to bringing more students back to mainstream education. The gross enrolment ratio will certainly show a positive uptrend in the coming years. The National Education Policy is well-suited to bolster our education system and transform India into a global education hub.

Its stress on the Indian Knowledge System is also a positive step. We are all aware that the Indian Education system is one of the oldest education systems and was known worldwide for its quality education. Somehow we lost that in the ensuing years. Hopefully, the new education system will help us to regain that past glory or at least provide us with the necessary jump-start. Theoretically, on paper, the Education policy now looks very positive. However, implementing it on the ground level, especially in Government and Gram Panchayat Schools in rural areas will be a challenge. The policies need to be implemented stepwise.

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Help us with your view about why India is projected as the education hub of the world?

Indian talent and the education system are revered worldwide. Today the US President Joe Biden’s team has 20 Indian- Americans on important posts. Take any leading corporation like Microsoft, Google, NASA etc and you find that Indian talent is irreplaceable. This itself is a proof to our healthy education system. Many of our premier institutes like the IITs, AIIMS, IIMs etc are among the top educational institutes of the world and there is a lot of demand for the programs they offer world-wide. Today we are the most youth populated nation of the world. The young minds are bright, willing to break all shackles and have the potential to reach world class. All these factors surely make India as the Education hub of the world.

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