Vishal Saurav, CEO & Founder, VFLYX India

Tell our readers about VFLYX India and your professional journey.

VFLYX India is a bootstrapped State-of-the-art Drone Technology (UAV) Company based in Bangalore and Delhi. At VFLYX India we aim to accelerate the World’s transition to drones, therefore simplifying the way of life with the vision to become one of the World’s leading companies, bringing transformation & improvement in the lives of people. We are planning to invest around 3.4 million dollars in R&D, Manufacturing, and Testing of Drones.

I completed B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Dayanand Sagar College, Bangalore. I left my job and started my own startup venture ‘XBOOM’ in the year 2015. XBOOM is already a known player in the e-commerce market for gadgets and technology. However, home-grown drones are most likely to fare better in this atmosphere of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’ 

Help us understand new trends and development in the technology sector

Let’s first try and understand India’s economy is based mainly on agriculture. Nowadays, we crave for more yield from a limited field area. For this, we need to sow seeds in a proper way, spray pesticides adequately and sprinkle water when needed. All this work takes a lot of time and effort. Drones can do all this work in just a few hours and the effort that the farmer makes is just to administer the process. A lot of farmers are adopting the same and already reaping benefits.

Another sector that will be immensely benefited from drone technology is the logistics sector. Be it moving things in a distant location or in a crowded place there is absolutely none better than drones. They can carry light as well as heavy loads and the time it takes to deliver the package is minimal. The health sector is also indirectly benefiting from this as emergency medicine can reach the patient’s house in a very quick time round the clock.

Food and grocery delivery companies will also be one of the biggest beneficiaries of drone technology because we know that they can deliver in a limited area due to time and manpower constraints. With drones, they can cover a much larger area and reach on time. Therefore, day-to-day operations will be much easier and eventually cost-effective.

We shouldn’t forget the mining industry where the government is making it mandatory that whenever there is a survey or tap into the yet unexplored area, drones have to be deployed. It is always better to send drones first as in this sector, safety is a big concern.

Throw some light on how Drone technologies are helping the transformation in India and what is the future

Drones are helping the various industries like agriculture, logistics, healthcare etc. in India to increase the efficiency of their output and ease the process of operation using the data which is being captured by the drones. The normal or the manual process was creating a lot of gaps in the actual requirements of these industries. Let’s take the example of agriculture. In agriculture, without the use of these technologies, things are done manually which takes a lot of time.

With the implementation of drones, the whole process will be much easier and less time-consuming. With the adoption of drone technology, the agriculture industry will become more cost-effective and gain out from this technology. Drones can also capture the aerial data which can be processed to get the various insights using the different processing software. Let’s say if we use thermal imaging, then it can be used for power line analysis. If there’s a fault in the power line it can detect that which can’t be seen by the naked eyes or which can’t be detected easily through the other devices. There are 3 factors overall, cost, timing and effort. All these three factors are getting reduced in all the sectors.


With Logistics being the main sector, we can expect that e-commerce, food deliveries and most importantly medicine deliveries can be made through drones which can basically help the users to get the materials on time and will boost the overall user experience and the consumer experience. This will give a tough challenge to the retail industry also.


Tell us how the GOI PLI scheme and how this will boost the drone manufacturing sector in India

PLI scheme will be a great support for the manufacturers in a way by reducing their overall cost and affecting the landing cost for the consumers so that they will be getting at a better price and they will be much more budget-friendly. Overall, as the manufacturing cost goes down, the selling price of the drone also goes down and the number of units that are being sold gets high and overall the acceptance of drones gets higher.


Let us know your thought about National Technology Day its importance and relevance for all the techies and the sector

We celebrate every occasion because it gives us joy. Similarly, the day dedicated to technology should also be celebrated by all especially the techies because this day brings well-deserved recognition to all of them. Every time we celebrate something like this, it can create more awareness and enthusiasm.

Speaking about Drone technology, if we can create awareness and make people understand the importance of adopting the technology in our day-to-day life, we may well see the industry gathering the momentum it deserves. Let us all celebrate National Technology Day not just like other mundane ways, let’s show the nation we are well ahead of the curve and give the confidence that India will be self-reliant in the technology sector in no time.

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