Tejas Rathod, Co-founder, Mobavenue

Tell our readers about Mobavenue and your professional journey.

Mobavenue started as a very modest start-up in 2017. But ever since, we haven’t had to look back. We are primarily a tech platform that mainly focuses on empowering brands and agencies to drive growth and monetization through mobile-first solutions.

We’ve established footprints across Europe, Australia, Russia, LATAM, and SEA regions in the past five years. We aim to provide future-forward media solutions with advanced tools and data management abilities.


Help us to understand the importance of technology in the field of advertising and marketing.

Modern technology has greatly helped advertisers have better access to market information and testing ads. Technology has, in a way, revolutionized marketing by making campaigns more personalized and immersive for consumers. Also, we cannot deny its contribution to enabling more integrated and targeted ecosystems for marketers. It’s not simply the relationship between brands and individuals that have changed. Moreover, we now have access to advanced tools that allow us, advertisers, to create better ads and keep viewers hooked to the screens.


Can you tell us about the latest trends in Mobile Advertising?

Looking over the past years, mobile advertising continues to be polished and equipped with newer features every day. Talking about the dominating trends in mobile advertising, one with the highest spike is mobile streaming at OTT platforms. Given the fresh video content on these platforms, there’s more space and scope for mobile advertising for brands. Mobile e-commerce and gaming have also been a major arena for the ad industry.


Help us with your thought on how the pandemic has proven to be a game-changer for the companies which are very well equipped with the latest technology?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic wave has transformed businesses forever and pushed everyone to adopt digital technologies. It has had a massive impact on companies both at the organizational and industry levels. Businesses can no longer afford to be overly reliant on legacy software, even those that have been reluctant to adopt new tech. Companies ahead in the tech game found it significantly easier to tackle the remote work culture and operations than those that had to practically reboot their operational strategies during the pandemic.


Let us know your thought about National Technology Day and its importance and relevance for all the techies

This day can be remembered for all the great innovation that has taken place in this sector. Also, it is an opportunity to value the contributions of those great techies who change the landscape of the Technology sector in India. We also need to understand that It’s undeniable that all industries or countries need to rely on technology for a sustainable future. It has literally elevated the standard of our lives, be it small or large-scale business.

As of 2022, speaking only of India, about 30% of the workforce needs a radical skillset to survive and stay relevant to today’s age. It is becoming more and more important to approve and accept technology in every aspect of our lives, whether you are a techie or not. Whether you consider meeting consumer demands, improving market strategies, or collaborating with businesses, there is no way to go without adopting tech.

This interview was authored by Vishwasjeet Singh, Editor-in-Chief, Estrade Business News. To share more stories kindly email: vishwasjeet@estrade.in