11th July 2020, Mumbai: Producers/DJs, Rusha and Blizza in association with Alfa Records, are all set to debut with ‘Mudra’ , with a contemporary vibe enthralling the dance-music community to groove to its beats. Alfa Records debut’s with supremely talented producers, Rusha and Blizza with an upbeat EP with six tracks, each diving deep into the Indian roots bringing out the true ethnic spirit of Indian folk music with future sounds calling it as “BODY MUSIC”

Believing in the revolutionary nature of music, the EP ‘Mudra’ endeavours to relate with dance troops and enthusiasts across the globe. While it draws inspiration from the traditional roots of Indian dance forms giving homage to the art, the music has been detailed to breathe life into the modern era. With the influence of trap and hip hop, there is a blend of edginess along with smooth flow of the beats. Besides the motion poster of the tracks truly compliment it

Working together for years, Rusha and Blizza, although ruling their professional lives on one side; have always managed to keep their passion for music alive through their creations. Their efforts and their love for music has got them recognised on soundcloud in 2015 with their early releases and topping worldwide trap charts in the dance and music communities but has also enabled them to create their own niche sound as they have always quoted “courage to experiment”. Conceptualised over a year, the duo has been working on the EP and the composition to ensure the right mix, although not really specific to a particular genre, it could be closely recognised to hip hop and trap music bringing to the audience and dancers a delightful blend of both.

Speaking of the work and the EP Launch, Sarthak Kush, founder of Alfa Records quotes,

“I have been very close to the duo and love their work personally as they have a variety in their sound. Aman and Paurush both love to experiment with their music and every new track has a different vibe.I love spending time with them in studio and talking about the trends. They have always been hesitant about reaching out to the masses with their music, but with this EP I convinced them to use a more commercial sound”.

Adding to the excitement of the release, Rusha, shares“This is a departure from what we usually produce. We like our music to be aesthetic and this is our attempt in using sounds with Indian elements while playing around with our usual sounds. We have already produced our next few EP’s and next EP, which are going to be completely different from this sound.”

Sharing the overall look and feel, Blizza shares “This EP is purely dedicated to the dance music enthusiasts and dancers.”

It’s time we witness the breakthrough of Indian dance music with Mudra this year and change the way our feet hit the dancefloors!

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 Check it out on: https://ditto.fm/mudra-rusha-blizza