Aashay Mishra - Co-Founder & COO of PrepInsta

Tell our readers about PrepInsta? Your professional journey and your experience so far in this industry

Founded in 2016, in the dorm room of VIT Vellore, PrepInsta, is a one stop destination for placement and the fundamental aim of the company is to resolve the existing imbalance of career opportunities in India. PrepInsta aims to address that with skill-based learning as provided in its product PrepInsta Prime, students can get placed in their dream company. The company helps students with end-to-end placement preparation, skill building, learning to code and also the key to every successful job which is – interview preparation.

Incepted by the three friends who are now its co-founders- Atulya Kaushik, Manish Agarwal and I had a similar vision to make the entire process of placement easy, accessible and inclusive for all. The company currently has two offices, one in Noida and the other in Bengaluru.

I (Aashay, Co-Founder and COO ) started my career working in Publicis Sapient, which is a digital consulting company based out of Bengaluru, on Adobe experience Manager (AEM). In this company I helped in building projects for McDonald’s and Renault. For McDonald’s I helped in improving the online food ordering system for US based users and for Renault I worked in Geo-location tracking for Europe based users. With PrepInsta, I helped lakhs of users to grab opportunities and make employment possible.

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Help us understand your opinion about current Education trends in India.

As an EdTech startup, we firmly believe that India has a tremendous potential to generate a skilled workforce in the educational sector and looking at the market trends, we can see how the Indian education system is systematically being tailored to capture the interest of students. The modern student is no longer burdened with classes that only take place on campus. The rise of digital technology is making education more convenient and interactive. The biggest trend so far is the demand for upskilling courses, Coding Courses, Placement Preparation courses, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, and many others. These types of courses ultimately help students secure a good job.

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We would like to know more about the concept of a free platform for students to practice.

As India’s population is growing at an alarming rate, it is likely to reach about 1.61 billion by 2047. The problem is not just the rising population but also the limited resources to deliver quality education to each and every student.

To deal with the issue, free online platforms for students to practice education open many doors and opportunities as they get access to quality-driven education from anywhere at any time. It simultaneously helps startups build their brand image and enables them to reach a wider audience. In India, more than 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas. Our vision is not only to impart education but also to make it affordable and empower the students, especially from lower and middle-class backgrounds.


Throw some light on how OTT platforms can help in Education and especially skill development.

Nowadays, parents want to see holistic development in their children not just in terms of academics but are keen to see them develop necessary skills. However, it is a fact that the skill gap exists in India, and students are seeking online education to ensure their employability.

As such, it is of no surprise that upskilling and online certification courses currently account for a significant part of the online education market in India. The OTT platform is a game-changer for students as it helps them with necessary skill-building, learning to code, end to end placement preparation, and at the same time, it helps students get ready for interview preparation which is the most important aspect in securing a good job.


Help us with your view about why India is projected as the education hub of the world 

India’s emergence as an education hub is the result of both innovative technology and economic changes. With the increasing population and the subsequent demand for education will soon help India become a $313 billion online education market.

In the next decade, India will have the highest population of young people in the world and our ability to provide high-quality education to them will determine the future of our country. To embolden our vision to make India an educational hub, we must consider scaling what currently works well with the Indian education system and that is, online education domains.


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