Poshak Agrawal, Co-Founder, Athena Education

Tell our readers about Athena Education? Your professional journey.

Athena Education was founded nine years ago by two Princeton graduates, passionate about bringing visionary education to India. They founded Athena to enable high-school students to receive a world-class education. To help gain admission into Ivy League and other elite universities worldwide, and become the best version of themselves.

Our robust team of writing counselling experts, in-house tech, research, and art mentors. Harvard admissions consultant provide one-on-one support in all areas—from extracurricular profile development, college applications, and even essential life-skill building. Athena Education is now a leading education consulting firm modelled after the Ivy Leagues with students in eleven countries.

Poshak graduated from DPS R.K. Puram, where he graduated in the top 1% of his class and served as President of the Mathematics Society. Rahul went to high school in Fremont, California. He received perfect SAT scores and got into every Ivy-League college to which he applied, finally choosing Princeton over Harvard.

What is your opinion about current Education trends in India?

More and more people are understanding the importance of quality education. India is on a transformative stage, and like most of our legendary leaders (Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar) people see value in studying abroad for the cultural, liberal arts, and educational exposure and coming back later to contribute to the ever-growing market.

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Help us understand the concept of transformational life coaching.

Transformational life coaching is all about the process of transforming the students of today into the leaders of tomorrow – best researchers, and social activists – help them grow to be scholars, but also grow beyond the classroom.

One of the key focus areas in this transformational life coaching is looking at the students’ ability to perform, their passions, and what will help them grow! Life coaching that is transformational for students, will help scholars develop the right mindset for them to become global leaders.

One of the primary areas of focus should be- How are scholars going to make an impact in the world – Who truly are they? What do they really want? How can a university education help scholars in their journey? How can a platform like Athena help them in this journey? Tell us about key advantages of being part of the Ivy League and affordability factors.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, and Pennsylvania are all among the country’s oldest universities, making them historical educational landmarks. A set of universities renowned for their high academic standards, prestige, exclusivity, and unfortunately low acceptance rates. Because of the selective nature of these schools, students are surrounded by exceptional peers in the classroom, dining hall, and dorm.

Every student accepted to an Ivy League university has outstanding test scores and academic achievement. Most Ivy League undergraduates are also accomplished in extracurricular activities and are actively involved in their communities. With such a diverse student body, all students benefit from an enriching academic and social experience.

These universities attract not only the brightest students but also some of the top teachers, including Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners. Students have direct access to talented researchers and scholars since Ivy League colleges have the means to offer small seminars taught by top teachers to freshmen. With all these advantages of studying in an Ivy league, no wonder it is crowned as a life-transforming experience by many.

In terms of affordability: The US education is anyway expensive. However, they have merit scholarships and some need-based scholarships too.

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Post COVID how online education has impacted the offline education system in India

The pandemic has transformed the education landscape. Thereby ushering in the era of online learning and various technology-influenced pedagogical tools powered by ed-tech. As a result, hybrid education models are fast emerging. In fact, these innovative solutions will carry the baton forward. And make the entire learning process for students more immersive, comprehensive, and powerful.

Offline education enhances student attention span, peer-collaboration, and practical learning. Online counterpart offers gamification and unparalleled access to students around the world. Their synthesis will be truly revolutionary.

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