Mayank Ruia, MAIA Estates
Mayank Ruia, MAIA Estates

MAIA Estates LLP, Bangalore won the 2020 Estrade Real Estate – Sustainable Developer of the Year (South) and the Emerging Developer of the Year (South) awards. We spoke to Mayank Ruia, Founder and CEO, MAIA Estates LLP about his project Pelican Grove and the industry outlook for 2021.

Imagine airy living spaces that flow into expansive decks with private jacuzzies, large bedrooms with private balconies, bathrooms with outdoor spaces with unfettered views. Feels like heaven?

Experience it here with MAIA Estates’ debut residential project, Pelican Grove. MAIA Estates LLP represents the values of real estate development in modern India with its innovative and intelligent design, conscious development and cutting edge technology.

But it wasn’t easy in the pandemic owing to massive changes and disruption. In the words of Mr Mayank Ruia, Founder and CEO, MAIA Estates LLP, “More than the pandemic that definitely resulted in a lot of change and disruption in 2020, the one thing that stood out for me personally was how our team rallied together to overcome this disruption. Such times truly test the strength of a team and it fills me with immense pride to look back on how the team came together.”

Mayank talks about the market outlook for the year 2021 positively, where the focus would be on rebuilding lost momentum of the past year. At MAIA, the belief is that if you deliver a superior product and maintain the trust of your patrons by timely execution, transparency and a high level of professionalism, you will continue to grow despite any deviations in the market. Increased focus on boosting consumer confidence will have spill-over effects into a large variety of industries. Additionally, targeted support to select industries that have been most impacted by the pandemic, such as real-estate, retail, and stressed MSMEs will also help stimulate the markets.

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Mayank also offers advice for young entrepreneurs and job-seekers as he shares valuable insights on how perseverance, dedication and resilience will be invaluable. The trick is to keep time to up skill yourself, learn about the challenges facing your industry, and think about what solutions will the industry need. How will consumer need change? Most importantly, staying positive and remaining passionate about the profession as this is truly the key to success.

In 2021, the team at MAIA, which has been preparing for the handover of their debut project – Pelican Grove, well before the committed time, despite the challenges faced in 2020, are looking forward to welcoming the residents of Pelican Grove.

On winning the 2020 Estrade Real Estate Awards, we are absolutely honoured to have been recognized as the Sustainable Developer of the Year (South) and the Emerging Developer of the Year (South). Sustainability has always been at the forefront of each aspect of our design and development process, and to be bestowed upon this honour for that value is truly gratifying.


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