By adding animal sounds to search, Google makes it easy for you to teach kids what sound an animal makes.

New Delhi: Internet giant Google has released a new feature that will enable parents to teach children about different noises that animals make. A quick search for “animal noises” on Google returns illustrations of animals, their names and a sample of what sound do they make.

Google animal sounds feature was first announced by Google via a Google Australia Google+ post. This feature lets you hear the different sounds of 19 animals in total and it works in Android, iOS and Chrome browser as well.

Alternatively, you can also search for something like, “What does the dog say”, to bring up a specific animal sound result, the report added.

Follow the following steps to learn how it works on Google:

  • Go to Google search
  • Type ‘Animal sounds’ in the search box and press enter
  • Google will show a list of the animals with a comic figure and a play sound button. For more, you can refer the image below:

    Google search can now teach you animal sounds
    Google search can now teach you animal sounds

Google has included 19 animal sounds in its list, including Zebra, Ape, Cat, Lion, Moose, Owl, Pig, Cow, Duck, Elephant, Horse, Raccoon, Bowhead Whale, Humpback Whale, Wolf, Rooster, Sheep, Tiger and a Turkey. However the selection of animals is limited.

Through Google Animal Sounds, you can now teach your kids how pet as well as wild animals call. If you are unable to take your kids to the zoo when they want to see an elephant, you can directly use Google for playing animal sounds.

Last year in November, the search giant had also improved its search engine algorithm that would enable users to make complex voice search queries.

So for example if you search for “What are the ingredients for a screwdriver?” it is smart enough to understand that the user meant to ask about cocktail and not the tool. Other complex questions include “Who are the tallest Mavericks players?” or “What are the largest cities in Texas?” Google can now understand words such as “tallest,” and “largest.”

Google search can now teach you animal sounds