Chaitanya Chokkareddy, Chief Innovation Officer, Ozonetel

It’s wonderful that we have a special day like the National Technology Day to recognize the efforts of tech companies and engineers towards simplifying lives. During the pandemic, for instance, we saw the critical role that technology played.

In our sector, cloud communication technologies enabled remote-working and business continuity for thousands of businesses. In fact, over the last ten years, cloud communications have been on an unstoppable rise. With technological advances and government support, we can see a thriving business environment that shows no sign of slowing down. Moreover, because AI and cloud are interlinked, cloud transformation is also essential for companies to drive digital transformation and automation. Here cloud technology enables businesses to integrate their communications with other cloud tools. This helps to break silos and transform the role of contact centers.

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Today cloud communications are evolving into digital-first, automation-first solutions. These enable personalized interaction on every channel and at every step of the customer journey. It’s all about learning to blend human and AI support perfectly at critical customer touchpoints.

The next step in the journey is to tap the millions of customer conversations. And derive critical business and customer experience insights through speech analytics. Finally, future-ready organizations will start understanding how they can use cloud communications in the metaverse.

All said and done, it is an exciting time to work in the field of technologies. Especially, cloud communications and AI, and I am glad to be a part of this sector.

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