New Delhi: State Bank of India has launched a facility under “SBI Quick: SMS and Missed Call banking” service whereby the customer can choose to activate/deactivate usage of the debit card on the following locations/platforms: ATM, Point of Sale (POS), E-commerce websites, International Usage, Domestic Usage. This can be done by just sending an SMS.

Customer has to SMS ‘SWON/SWOFF ATM/POS/ECOM/INTL/DOM XXXX’ to 09223966666, (XXXX represents last 4 digit of the card number). The desired service will be immediately activated/de-activated. For e.g., if 1234 are the last digits of the card, SWON POS 1234 will activate POS usage and SWOFF INTL 1234 will deactivate International usage.

Says Mr. N.K Chari, DMD & COO of the Bank “We have been receiving complaints of fraudsters using debit card information, which they source from our customers through phone calls, ATM skimming, photographing the debit card etc., to withdraw cash or purchase items on e-commerce sites. While the facility of restricting debit card usage is available on the Internet Banking platform of the Bank, we had to find a way to provide our customers with a simple but effective solution to curb this menace.”

He further added “While restricting debit card usage would reduce the chances of misuse, customers are advised not to share their card details and PIN number with anyone, not even with Bank officials. Change the PIN to one that can be easily remembered but is difficult for others to guess. When using at restaurants, supermarkets etc, never let the card go out of sight. When using the card at an ATM, make sure to cover the view of the PIN pad with one hand while entering the PIN with the other. Always keep the mobile number, email ID and other contact details updated with the Bank for alerts on transactions that happen on the account.”

SBI Quick provides a range of services and works on the condition that the SMS/Missed Call should come from the mobile number registered with the Bank. No separate user ID or password is needed. With over 750,000 downloads already, the App is very popular with those who have smart phones but limited internet connectivity. Another step towards convenient banking and customer protection from State Bank of India – The Banker to Digital India.

SBI Quick Introduces Facility to Control Debit Card Frauds