Chandramohan Parlapalli Co-founder & COO, PreludeSys



Tell our readers about PreludeSys and its services.

PreludeSys, Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization, has been providing global technology solutions since 1998. As a trusted technology partner for more than 300+ customers, PreludeSys goes the extra mile to enhance a client’s business value through digital transformation.

PreludeSys works with young and mature enterprises around the globe across a diverse set of vertical industries. We leverage our in-house technical expertise, technology partnership, industry experience, and global delivery model to lift our customer’s success in the marketplace. Our service offerings include Enterprise Application Integration, Application Modernization and Cloud Migration, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Business Application Services (CRM/ERP), Testing, and Business Process Services.


Tell us about your professional journey so far and what is your biggest achievement.

I have been a key member of the PreludeSys core team since 2003. Prior to that, I held diverse roles both in the US and India, including working within PreludeSys before I became its COO. With over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology services industry, I drive PreludeSys’ growth through operational efficiency and people processes.


I am responsible for executing the strategic growth plans by setting direction and overseeing the operations at PreludeSys.

My biggest achievement—I don’t think there is a unique one I can talk about. Throughout my industry career and with PreludeSys there have been challenges and success. As an individual and as a team, we approach every challenge as an opportunity to excel and for PreludeSys to achieve sustainable growth.

Tell us about your partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Salesforce etc. How does this help the growth of the company?


The benefits of working with Principals and partners such as Microsoft and Salesforce are multifold. They range from training and certification to building competency within the organization, to enable in joint GTM (Go-To-Market) programs in multiple geographies. The ability of an organization to scale increases exponentially as Principals and partners guide and support us to replicate the success of a specific use case or within a specific vertical. This includes making appropriate connects within the accounts and the verticals. The partner enablement team plays a crucial role in providing the right relationships within the Principals of the partners.

They also enable us to sell our products and services within their ecosystem through their sell with and sell through (with other partners). We bring exceptional horizontal technical skills to bear, and those are augmented by their market-size or vertical focus and expertise. This results in compelling solutions for our clients.

Throw some light on the technology service provider industry and where it is heading.

Pre-pandemic, technology played a supporting role to achieve non-IT industry business goals and long-term strategies. It was more of an operational support. The pandemic was the tipping point that demonstrated the untapped potential of IT as an equal partner for customer success. For instance, IT promoted the online channel to the business model, and the tool for seamless work environment in a distributed office, home, and the travel mode. It’s the technology that will be at the core for the organization mission, vision, and subsequent strategy.

What trend in technology in service providers do you think isn’t getting enough attention.

Service providers contribution to the core of product development of end-user organizations is not getting enough attention.

To achieve India’s target of a five trillion-dollar economy by 2030, the technology service provider industry will play a key role. It will be a core component across all industry sectors and services that will directly or indirectly contribute to jobs and revenue.

As we are all aware, Indian IT companies have increased their contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to almost 8% in 2018 and 7.7% of India’s GDP in 2020. And this will only grow. Currently 4.5 million people are employed by IT-BPM sector. And the last count of 100 unicorns from India is just the beginning.

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