Manju Yagnik, VCP, Nahar Group

Your views on how women are contributing in a sector like real estate?

Not just real estate, women are excelling in every sector. The past decade has witnessed massive growth in women contributing to various sectors as well as the economy. Many young women are joining real estate these days. There are various aspects of the real estate business like engineering, estimation, contracting, etc, which during the early times were considered hard to be taken care of by women. Now women are highly dynamic plus perennially in demand by many all forms of real estate firms. This has created a more inclusive culture in the real estate sector. However, now, women are taking a 180-degree charge. The increased involvement of women has definitely made the sector more creative, accepting, and inclusive.

It is believed that women are more aggressive and focused on the business. How this is making a difference in a business that is considered to be dominated by Man.

A leader knows how to master the art of aggression. A right amount of aggression always helps especially in a male dominant industry. Our focus and determination are where this aggression is born from. This is how we get things done and bring about a disciplined administration. Women leaders are always a mix of aggression, focus, and soft skills. It is in fact, the emotional intelligence compatibility that brings harmony within the team. 

All these attributes had helped create better relations with my team members, clients as well as vendors. Whether women need for their colleagues to take them seriously, crack a complex deal or just administer the office; these skills always work in their favor and in turn result in the company’s growth. Our aggression and focus also helps create innovative development ideas, new business opportunities, well-mapped growth strategies and effective implementations. 

Tell our readers about Nahar Group? Kindly take us through your journey since inception. What have been your major achievements and your major challenges?

Nahar Group has developed 20 million sq. ft. of prime real estate projects, making it one of the names to reckon with in Mumbai. At Nahar Group, we seek to build a better future for our customers, leveraging our expertise and collaborating with the best in the industry to create landmark destinations of design and quality that exemplify the highest standards of international living. 

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