Kumar Vembu, CEO & Co-Founder, GOFRUGAL

Tell us about GOFRUGAL and your professional journey. 

Gofrugal is a digital-first company offering cloud and mobile ERP solutions to Retail, Restaurant and Distribution businesses. Our goal is to help businesses upgrade themselves embracing agility and transforming digitally to stay competitive in the dynamic market. Over the years we have made sure we are always a few steps ahead to deliver on that goal.

More than 30,000+ customers across 75+ countries including small independent stores to local chains and large enterprises across experience simplicity in running their businesses with our solutions.

Always had a burning desire to build a world-class software product in India, and co-founded Zoho, Delium. Gofrugal was created with a dream to transform trade business operations digitally in an agile and easy way without having an impact on their daily business running.

I mentor and coach new-age start-ups providing them with the right leadership model and building high-performance agile teams. My current mission is to ensure every business enjoys digital transformation that includes not just technology/tools transformation but cultural, people-mindset, business-model & customer journey transformation.

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We would like to know how ERP solutions are helping the Retail sector.

Technology is a must to provide an omnichannel experience in the post-pandemic world. Digitization has redefined the service expectations of consumers today. Retailers of any size are struggling to meet their service expectations. With the offline and online world blurring it is very important to connect them and provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

Irrespective of the channel the new-age consumers are coming from WhatsApp, mobile phone, online, or even physical store their need is the same, it is only their behavior that drives the need from a fully self-service shopping experience to a completely full-service shopping experience.

The retail market is getting more dynamic than ever, with new brands, new platforms, aggregators and predator pricing, and innovative competition. Businesses can succeed with their ability to identify such opportunities and the right technology to help them achieve this. The role of ERP is to reimagine such business processes and redesign a new generation of such digital native solutions with cloud and mobility.

What is your opinion about the future of cloud and mobile ERP solutions and how this will help the End-user and companies?

Businesses of any size benefit from upgrading to the cloud as there is one version of the truth. Stakeholders have access to a single or source of data anywhere anytime. With cloud ERP, businesses can easily integrate and grow their businesses steadily. By transitioning to cloud, businesses can easily consolidate their inventory as there is one unified view of inventory that can help them cater to different fulfillment options and manage their channel-wise pricing. Mobile will be used to automate all store operations from goods-inward & purchase, stock-audit, stock-pick, stock-refill, analytics/reports, delivery, ordering and billing.

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Post-pandemic businesses especially SMEs are very eager and keen to upgrade to the cloud and we expect our cloud businesses to double every year for the next three years. Last but not the least businesses enjoy cloud security and elasticity for scaling up or scaling down based on their needs.


Help us with your thought about National Technology Day its importance and relevance for all the techies and the sector

Going forward technology should be a smart platform where all the stakeholders of the organisation, be it employees, vendors, partners, system or market aggregators seamlessly collaborate paving way for connected business. Omni-channel experiences will continue to evolve so that consumers enjoy seamless shopping experiences across both offline or online.

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With tech democratized, the role of Gofrugal is to provide easy, intuitive, affordable tech to stay competitive. Benefits of tech adoption should focus on values like minimal staff (attrition being one of the biggest challenges), least skills (easier to learn, less training), accurate predictions and decision recommendations, thus trusting the system to make right decisions. Tech should enable them to focus on their growth while all their business processes are automated for efficient working.

This interview was authored by Vishwasjeet Singh, Editor-in-Chief, Estrade Business News. To share more stories kindly email: vishwasjeet@estrade.in